Trash Pandas of Kaunokka - High Sec Mission Running & Mining Corp

Allow me to introduce you to Trash Pandas of Kaunokka.

We are a High Sec corp focused on Mission running, Mining & Industry. We welcome both new & experienced players with no minimum skill requirements.

We offer mentoring & support to new players, as well as skill books and fitted ships to help get you started and earning isk.

All of our members can expect:

  • Regular mission running and mining fleets.
  • Active corp Discord.
  • Drama free, relaxed & mature community.
  • Ore Buyback program.
  • Low Tax Rate (5%).
  • Members in most TZ’s.

Join our in-game channel - TPoK Pub, or jump on our Discord server - Trash Pandas of Kaunokka.

Recruitment is Open. Join a group in EVE that is more than just a corp, join a community. Join Us :smiley:

Active member base in most TZ’s. Contact us today to join