[TRI] Rental Program





Instead of a bump how about offer your renters or former renters incentives to come tell us what it is like renting from TRI.

What is the experience like and why do you like renting from TRI?

What don’t you like about renting from TRI, why?

If you had to leave, what were the reasons and how did they happen?

What are the best and worst things about renting from TRI?

What is one reason why you would never rent from TRI?

What do you love or hate the most about renting from TRI?

Stuff like that.



if you are interested in knowing that, feel free to join the public channel listed. where you can find a fair few current renters that can first hand tell you how it is :slight_smile:

Not really.

Just making a suggestion for your advertisement, players might be more interested if they can see some more talk about it here, drawing both positive and negative opinions from current or former members about what it’s like.

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Space still available!

We have SPACE!!! for rent still.

Still renting space!!

Gots space to rent, hit us up!

Premium space to rent!


Premium Space to Rent

Great space for rent!