Renting Triglavian Systems

Hello Capsuleers,

Psychotic Tendencies is proud to announce the very first ever Triglavian System Rental Program. Triglavian space is the new frontier full of rich resources. CCP has taken Tritanium out of null sec and put it into Trig space with the new minerals. Access into trig space is limited, and limited amounts of people can gate in Trig space. The pipe design of the region also makes it very easy for you spot incoming enemies attempting to assault your PVE/Mining Ships.

What we offer in the Rental Agreement:
-Complete Protection Over the system
-All Psychotic Tendencies Members have 3.0 or higher Triglavian Standings
-Triglavian Standing Service to get your characters setup in Trig space
-Teach you the core fundamentals of Trig Space
-Currently in Trig Space only Pre-existing Citadels, but if that is changed in the next month you will be aloud to anchor whatever structures you want
-Azbel available for manufacturing

-Rental Cost of the systems are varied. The current program is a flat 1bill a month for a corporation for every 100 people. Price is negotiable depending on the contract length.

Whats asked from you:
-Maintain blue standings to other renters
-Do not sell out renters

Mail me in game at Land 780, or message me in discord at L& 780#6963.

This guy unfortunately has no idea how trig space works :frowning:
Take your business elsewhere

Edit: Make sure you read lower down to see this scam called out. He’s a liar and a very bad one.

Tell me more about your ‘Trig standings service’. I am dying to know how you can help someone gain standings that are only granted by ship combat actions.

Hey Mklkaden,

Please message me on discord or in game to discuss trig standing service.

lol nice scam buddy, learn how trig space works before you try to sell people ownership of a system.

For anyone reading this, you can’t possibly have total control over a system, and can’t defend anything without a constant strong standing fleet which I doubt this person can have that going. CCP won’t allow more structure anchoring because CCP explicitly disabled it, and there won’t always be a way out of that system that doesn’t involve a different system’s wormhole, unless you like outbound filaments taking you to random spots of empire space.


Don’t bother engaging with troll posts gaming, it’s not worth it

If you have flown in Trig space you will find out that it is actually very easy to control systems in it since it is just pipe As well we own Citadels in the systems so renters do not have to live in the station. Also station is usually camped by drifters so if you want to live in it then be my guest.

No, discuss it publicly or it’s a scam. That’s how services work - if you won’t explain what you are offering where anyone can see it, you are scamming.

You won’t own those for long.

nice scam bro

Which system? Asking for some friends.

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Hey, I wont go too much in depth as many people dont know Trig space that well yet. But we will provide the ships, techniques, fleets and protection to farm the drifters/sleepers in the wormhole so that you can gain money and standing at the same time.

Hey, Currently have cleared out Ignebaener, and own an azbel in there so that is the first system for rent.

Due to current game mechanics it is impossible to contest someone pre-setup in trig space.

Do you really believe that?

1/10 Troll post

1/10 Scam Post

Nice Try… move on ppl

and Bruh !!! You owe me a keyboard, I spilled my morning coffee all over the place laughing :frowning:

We don’t need bot in trig space

go back to null

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