Trig Ship Nerf

My iki gets around 3.5k dps and my leshak ge4s over 5k dpf. Im not phased… so what if it takes 3 mi utes to get there

I would ask about something else. What is an issue you identified with edencom ships? How often their weapon systems allowed for killing what targets anyway? Especially solo. Their weapon systems look like they are very gimped already in scenarios that should happen a lot, and the opinion about them prohibits users from even using them in those scenarios, for me it looks like they need rebalance.

You did identify some issues, right? Or maybe the issues have to stay, because these ships have to stay such a niche and their usage in solo pvp discouraged by design.


Your Ikii does NOT get 3k DPS.

No, its not normal. CCP did not think it was OP when it was introduced. Some seriously messed up logic you got there. I think trigs will just suck across the board now.

Why not? Zorya + 4 officer grade mutated sinks + HG Mimesis + 905 gunnery = 3500 dps. Its absolutely possible.

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Yes, it is normal.
I did not make an claim on what “CCP” thinks, don’t pretend I did.
Some seriously messed up logic you got there.
I think trigs are still OP and should be nerfed more. Just for the salt you would provide.

Wanna ■■■■■■■ bet? 3.5 k dps max spool

I solo killed a paladin with one…

And he popped at around 2500 spooled dps

In my case its maxed skills and modded dam mods…

When i get my pc back ill do a screen shot…

The DPS starts out lower, but max DPS is the same and hit at the same time…

Basically, it made Trig ships weaker to EWAR… which is a solid nerf considering how powerful they are.

Hell, their base sensor strength is higher than Amarr or Minmatar ships of the same class… equal to Caldari and just below Gallente. So they aren’t the easiest ships to jam out.

as i promised

This ridiculous notion that EVE is logical and democratic! There is an office somewhere in Scandinavia I believe. There are some people working there also playing this game. They are old school nerds entangled in some NS-alliance wars, etc. That is their idea of what this game is about. They’ve now found out that trig ships survive too many of the big fleet battles. They do changes so they can benefit their own fleet and interests. They’ve invested too much crap, ISK, PLEX and viking kronor in ugly old ships and weapons systems you see. This change suits them very well. And next time they’re defeated and talk about it at their morning coffee they will nerf that mechanic too. Circle of corruption.

iTs ThE CheMtRaiLs mAN!

I have some free alu-hats for sale.

Trig ships have rediculas tracking, they cant have broken tracking and the same dps they need a down side somewhere and that down side is a long spool up timer and much lower dps in the begining of fights.

They also love useful idiots on the forums…

Did you get them through @Uriel_the_Flame ? Read that he was handing them out n the monthly report.