Trusted Third Party Needed - Challenge Event

What about me?



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Unless they don’t need the cash :smiley:

Honestly bro? I know you think you won somehow. But zoom out a little.

You made a whole another thread about it and me.

You think you’re showing the world who I am, when in reality you’re again just showing your emotional immaturity and how obsessed you are with me.

I mean I’m flattered bro, truly.

And again, I feel for you. And I’m still laughing :smiley:

Sure you did bro, sure you did.

You realize you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t right?

You know Brisc remembers bro :smiley:

I mean he’s just gonna be creepy and try to lure you into his hole with money.

Its what he does :smiley:

Damn!! I was going to ask for isk, like, an hour ago but didn’t want to look like a beggar… oh well.

You’re going to hate yourself when you find out Aiko, DC and gix are all owned by the same guy.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

No worries. He doesn’t really have the money as according to him WHs aren’t ISK faucets.

But then he posts how much stuff he allegedly has cause his ego :smiley:

Its ok. He already guaranteed WHs are getting nerfed again soon.

But but… he gave 200mil to Princess Aiko :pleading_face:
I could’ve done a lot with 200mil… Catalysts a-galore and their modules… sniff

I’ve done worse.


Very true. Maybe he’ll invite you into his hole for 10 bil?

I dunno man. Worse then going into a dude’s hole alone for 10 bil?

I dunno I’ve never seen his hole, could be cosy… then again, I’ve never seen 10bil isk either.

I mean his hole is full of strange men, at least 4 or 5 of them.

I don’t think its worth the 10 bil yennoe?

I’m willing to submit myself to a complete audit of my EVE identity if you’re willing to submit yourself to a complete audit of your hairline.

It’s already been proven that I’m a Destiny alt.

I guess I’m an Aiko and Gix alt too. Man, get off my PC you damn hackers!

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No problem, brother. I got a Manscaped for Christmas. Will a photo suit?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Oh… well, without Walking in Station they can’t even touch my character and I don’t think they’d be that much interested in my capsule out in space, so… I think I’d be pretty safe.

@L_Amour The challenge clearly states it can be anywhere, so long as it is on Tranquility.

The Challenger doesn’t have to go to the challenging corporations hole to do it.

Gix just uses that as a cop-out as to why he isn’t doing something he claims he can easily do.

I can’t do the challenge :tired_face:
I haven’t even got my first Catalyst blown up yet on the road to being the greatest ganker EVE has ever known… I’ve just started getting a hands on it and my mastery of the ship is only at 3. I have a while to go yet…


Which brings up a question I was gonna ask…how do you guys video stuff in Eve ? What do you use ?

don’t worry, neither can @Gix_Firebrand :rofl:

I tried to find your char name but can’t, send e-mail to Desmios Sanguis, I’ll send something your way!

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I use OBS, its the best for recording gameplay.

Literally just install, set video & audio source, choose output folder, and hit record. Its e-z p-z!! I recommend it! And free!