Trusted Third Party Needed - Challenge Event

Hello all,

@Gix_Firebrand Has been challenged to record himself doing a core garrison solo. He can do this anywhere, so long as it is on Tranquility. He claims he can ‘ez solo isk faucet’ and has done it numerous times, so this should be no problem

Upon receipt of the video, and upon having confirmed its contents, @Gix_Firebrand will be paid out 10,000,000,000 isk.

We need a third party who can be trusted to handle the isk, as @Gix_Firebrand does not trust the challenger to pay him out.

I hope, after having established a third party, there is no more hesitation on your part, Gix. Once the third party has the 10bil, there should be no more excuses from you, Gix.

QUALIFIED THIRD PARTIES ONLY. The third party will be paid a 25% handling fee, 2.5bil. The handling fee is negotiable. Please contact ‘Desmios Sanguis’ (the issuer of the challenge) to arrange setup.

Thank you!

Edit: Third Party - Mike Azariah
Challenge: record yourself solo’ing 1 core garrison on tranquility
Participant: @Gix_Firebrand
Prize Purse: 10,0000,000,000 isk
Donation to Mike’s Magic School Bus: 2,500,000,000 isk

As of this time, the participant, @Gix_Firebrand , has refused to participate in the charity challenge!

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I’ll do it for 23 ISK and two bites out of a ham and cheese sandwich. You don’t have to give me the sandwich, you can just hold it and give me like 10 seconds. I don’t even care if it’s the side with the crust on it.


Also offering my services, the ‘fee’ would go to support the Bus.



LOL. Is Arc still banned?

Also see the other threads for my responses :smiley:

Its cute tho, that this has bothered you so much :smiley:

Thanks for the free PR!


Thank you for the offer! Happy the handling fee will go to a good cause!

Challenge: record yourself solo’ing 1 core garrison on tranquility
Participant: @Gix_Firebrand
Prize Purse: 10,0000,000,000 isk
Donation to Mike’s Magic School Bus: 2,500,000,000 isk

@Gix_Firebrand Do you accept or refuse the challenge?

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(post deleted by author)

But what are conditions? Anywhere means some of the wormhole effects will be really playing in favor.

LOL bro, you already know what my responses were.

You can read the other threads you posted in with your alts too :smiley:

Yennoe what makes me just chortle?

I can just see you in your house, feverishly typing on your keyboard thinking to yourself, “Yes Arc/Gallente/Tempwhatever, this is what will get that Gix finally! I will show him only I can control my hole solo!”.

When in reality bro? I’m just sitting over here straight laughing at you. Truly, you have lengthened my life with all the laughter you bring and I thank you :smiley:

You provide content for me bro :smiley: I’m able to “gank” you without stepping a foot in your hole.

I’m sorry you got booted from your corp due to your anti-social behavior. And I’m sorry you don’t got no friends bro.

I feel for you.

However, I am indeed still laughing at you as well :smiley:

So to confirm, so everyone knows, @Gix_Firebrand

You are turning down the charity challenge? Is that correct, @Gix_Firebrand ?

You are refusing to solo a core garrison, despite having done so numerous times and it being ‘easy’ for you, with 10billion on the line + 2.5b for charity.

Lets just get that on the record. You are refusing, correct, @Gix_Firebrand ?

“But what are conditions? Anywhere means some of the wormhole effects will be really playing in favor.”

Indeed, and despite all of that, he still refuses to do it.

Weird, isn’t it?

Its almost like, idk, he’s lying abut knowing how to do it or something.

Actually if you read my responses, you would know more :smiley:

I said it was easy and doable with the right set up :smiley:

Sigh. I gamed you on semantics bro and you didn’t even see it coming :smiley:

However, as I am an expert on j-space, doing one solo with the right setup is easy, IF you can avoid getting blapped :smiley:

Its ok bro. You already know why :smiley:

You simply aren’t worth my time and I def don’t care about impressing you LOL.

But again, thanks for the free PR and the certain knowledge that I 100% live in your brain 24/7.

Honestly? You are probably my best blap in or out of game. I do not think I can ever top this.

You have made me win EVE :smiley: So uh, thanks on that bro :smiley:

Just immortalizing this typo as I know you’re rage typing right meow :smiley:

@Gix_Firebrand I’m not the one who refused 10bil and 2.5bil for charity for 45mins worth of work.

You are a liar – you greatly exaggerate your game knowledge and what you are capable of.

Is this a core garrison?

If so, it looks like it can definitely be done solo, but would require a pretty tight setup, since the incoming DPS almost breaks 2,000 at times. A dual-repairer marauder should definitely be able to do it.

I might be interested in this challenge, if anyone would give me temporary access to their warm hole.

LOL, not doing something doesn’t mean you can’t.

Someone didn’t pass logic in school :smiley:

Its ok man. Do you need a hug?

Can I have some isk?

I know you are my friend, please.

I don’t know how to run a site.

I admit it!

Sadly this offer is only for those who claim to do things they can’t, like @Gix_Firebrand

It was suspected @Gix_Firebrand was lying about his knowledge and capabilities, this was just to prove it.

No one turns down 10bil and 2.5b for charity to do something they know how to do.

If you want the challenge: Lie about what you know and what you can do on nearly every post!

We’ll call it the ‘Firebrand’ Challenge. Eventually, someone will call you out for it! Hell, might even be me :slight_smile:

ok but gix runs his mouth a lot and i get that but if u send me some isk it will show gix that good things come to those who dont make big claims and more importantly i will appreciate it and say thank you thank thank thank and i dont know how to a level 3 honestly im bad at eve and i just begging for isk


Aiko check wallet, enjoy, let the truth be told!

Also, despite @Gix_Firebrand refusal, I have made a donation to the magic school bus! Thanks @Mike_Azariah for your offer of help! Shame Gix backed out!


thnanking you friend thanking for isk help aiko grow big and strong aiko love isk for aiko is is everything an aiko needs and let this be a leson to gix