Trying to calculate the SP for a max character aprox 516m SP

The number of Skills now are more than 500m points than 425sp i am sure, because i am the creator of and i have a function to show to me the points needed by a “ideal” maxed character calculated by non logged users (i repeat all anonymized, non logged users). As info, of the non logged users That ideal character now have 499.83

Then, i check and some skills are common trained as level 5, but a few or them never do. I put here a list of skills never used as 5 for the anonymous users.

As far i remember, the only things nobody in my system has at max are

IdSkill ActualSP Level description

3390 5657 2 Mobile Refinery Operation

3391 7072 2 Mobile Factory Operation

3445 16000 3 Black Market Trading

3346 724078 4 Caldari Titan

11487 226275 4 Astronautic Engineering

12241 362039 4 Sovereignty

23124 226275 4 Yan Jung Technology

24606 452549 4 Cloning Facility Operation

30788 226275 4 Propulsion Subsystem Technology

41408 452549 4 Capital Beam Laser Specialization

41409 806087 4 XL Torpedo Specialization

41410 452549 4 XL Cruise Missile Specialization

If someone of the readers have a char with something More than that in these skills, please create a knife in to get better results.

Using these numbers :slight_smile:

Total:499.83 m

injectors 150m = 3332.24
injectors 300m = 1666.12
injectors 400m = 1249.59
injectors 500m = 999.67
normal days(2700sp/h)= 7713.52

Edit, in reddit user Macharal say : Here is a pic I took at Eve Berlin of a max SP characterIwcTsn1

some of these skills here are old, i used to have a caldari alt with black market and it was removed, and mobile refinery/factory cant even be injected from what i can tell. according to eve skillboards i now have every skill and now i must find a new goal

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