Trying to edit character's bio- Have I gone stupid, or is this a bug?

IIRC, a blank bio tab would show up on the on the character sheet (yes, I’m looking at the right character information sheet for the character I’m on), which I could then edit, but I don’t have one. I decided to check another character that already had a bio set, and I can see his bio tab, but can’t edit anything in it. In fact, it doesn’t even have the text toolbar (like you can see at the top of the notes tab). Basically, it’s acting like I’m looking at the character info screen for someone else’s character. Am I stoopid, or is this a bug?

…Wait, don’t answer that. Let me rephrase- How the heck do you edit a character’s bio?

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:red_circle: Here:


If you don’t see that portion: Show a screenshot. Have you tried relogging? If it doesn’t help, file a support ticket.


And also file a Bug Report too.

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