☄ TSSOC is recruiting! - Null sec - PVP - PVE - Any TZ

Good evening Sorry for the inconvenience anyway Are you recruiting in your corporation anyway or not I speak French but I try to speak English know to warn you anyway I am a former member of fraternyty

You sound like what im looking for. Hope we could make a nice fit.


I played EvE for 10 years and then left for 7. I am wanting to return but im wanting a new home as i am not one to play solo. I have 186 million SP and alts with an Aeon and an Anshar. My main can fly a huge amount of ships and i have a fair few billion behind me to get settled etc. I enjoy PVP (any size fleet but mostly enjoy small gang) and i can X up for super cap fights etc. I like using my alts to supply local with required items and am willing to supply front lines with ships etc. I was in NCdot for years, IT alliance before that and ended my time in Bastion. Everything will be considered as long as it realises home life comes first.

It will be nice to see what is out there.

Thanks in advance


Pop into our Discord and see what we can offer you !