TSSOC is recruiting! - Null sec - PVP - PVE - Indy - The works!

Still looking for more members! Come paint your killboard a healthy mix of green and red with us!

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I have recently joined TSSOC roughly 30 days ago and never felt more at home than before coming from a rough 2 year break they have helped me get back up to new game mechanics and NULL is where everyone should be at!

Elisabeth Farmer


CCP may be encouraging CHAOS but we aren’t! :sunglasses:

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TSSOC is home. We have a few empty rooms just waiting for you to join us.

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Everybody is welcome no matter who you are or where you’re from.

3 years and a half with TSSOC family still is going strong.

Friendly, encouraging and helpful are the best three words to describe my space family.

Maxtuno Stone

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After a bad experience in an other alliance and as a renter in other part of new eden TSSOC gave me a warm welcome. After only a few weeks i feel at home! Im learning new doctrine and tactics… They went out of there way (literaly) to help me move in with all my stuff and make me and my friends fell like were part of the FAMILY! There is plenty of social, industrial and pvp stuff to do here! I was so proud to be part of TSSOC after a few days of being in corp when they gave without hesitation there own KeepStar they were ready to anchor after a year and a half of hard labor to help the war effort! THE SOUL STAR, TEST new forwad stadging! If you want to refresh your eve experience and find one of the best bunch of capsuleer, take a leap of faith and join TSSOC

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TSSOC is a friendly bunch of players, we do all sorts of things from PVE to PVP and everything in between.
We help each other and are also social active on mumble.

I’m about 9 months in and I am still enjoying it, I also have a few real life friends playing in the corp.

Come by and have a look!

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You know you wanna join this awesome corp <3

you KNOW you wanna join this corp! best laughs and best pvp ive ever had!

     ▄▄ ▄▄

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▀░█░▀ Join Test Today

Love the people in TSSOC and so happy to be part of TEST!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Bump! Join TSSOC!


Join our recruitment channel, and see if you are a perfect fit for this amazing crazy family! :smile:

Hi, I have not played EVE for six years.
My Corp and friends are gone. I have 8 main characters.
Some are in the high, low, and null.
I would like to find a friendly blue mining/building Corp.
I preferred to be in Null space.
My favorite things to do, mine Ice and build.
Mykie49 / Tarpan

Most compfy corp in test ! <3

Topic re-opened upon request by OP.

Happy recruiting o7

TSSOC is receuiting again. Join our discord to start your journey with us.

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Come check us out. We offer anything you might want from a null sec corp.

TSSOC is recruiting good people to join our ranks. We offer anything you might want from null sec. Come check us out.