[TTKLZ] Tactical Vanguard IS RECRUTING! - EUTZ

Hello Capsuleers

We are TTKLZ a pure PvP corp which mainly operates in Nullsec , TTKLZ is a newfly founded corp and is part of ISK.Enterprise alliance . We are looking for experienced and newer PvP pilots to join our ranks as well as Miners and Industrialist .

What we offer

  • Daily Fleet action from Frigate fights up to Battlecruiser engagments
  • A chance to learn and experience PvP at its fullest.
  • Ability to FC fleets and have fun.
  • Relaxed environment with no Drama .

What we require

  • 1m skill points characters and above
  • Ability to fly ships of all races
  • Have a working Microphone and being able to listen.
  • Full ESI check

Strong Recommendations

  • Have an alt for Subcaps or a Dread alt
  • Have experience in PvP
  • Be able to FC fleets when needed

Interested? Contact : Veget en Marland ingame

Either join our channel : TTKLZ Pub either join our discord : https://discord.gg/VXJBBTd

Fly safe

Still recruting !

still recruting!!

still recruting !

Come and join us in having fun!

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