Two-Faced Marauders : Piracy For Life (Alphas or returning players click here)


(Conduct Uzumaki) #1

The Two-Faced Marauders, Ruthless in arms we stand to ravage, destroy and take all that we must.

We are a corp based on PVP and teaching newbros what it means to be a true pirate in the world of New Eden. Together we will stand helping all within us, and operating under The Insurrection.

As a newbro corporation we aim to teach new players, or even inexperienced old players what PVP is all about from lowsec and nullsec piracy to small roams (while having fun in between). I am seeking any players that would like to learn what it is like to be a true New Eden pirate killing all that stand in our way. We are based out of highsec for those newer players that may not be ready to live in low. USTZ.

Do’s: DO be active almost everyday. DO be willing to fight. DO be willing to listen and learn. DO respect those that are respecting you.

Dont’s: DONT whine when you are killed and outnumbered (this game is not fair).

Contact Conduct Uzumaki in game for more information! o7

Alpha player - looking for lowsec/nullsec opportunities
Noob lf 1st Corp EU
New Caldari Pilot
Casual new alpha looking for a home
New Alpha Looking for Corp
(Michael Pergkk) #2


Will be nice to see more targets to shoot in Lowsec!

(Conduct Uzumaki) #3

Good luck mate :wink:

(Keno Skir) #5

So you’re going to survive only on stolen booty and do a lot of ransoms? Or you just want to have a lot of fights? One of those is a “true New Eden pirate” and one is someone who likes PvP.

Props to you guys if you actually are pirates +1

(Conduct Uzumaki) #6

We are pirates my friend i strictly maintain my wallet on PVP and PVP alone while keeping my corp stocked with what they shall need and killing all that present themselves

(Conduct Uzumaki) #7

Still recruiting! Need all you players with ruthless murderous attitudes to the game!

(Keno Skir) #8

Long may you sail :shipitparrot:

(Conduct Uzumaki) #10

Boomp ples

(system) #11

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