Two-Faced Marauders : PVP Training Corp

Recruitment Promo
Hello you pretty little newcomers! I run a corp dedicated to teaching newbros or oldbros the pirate way. If you’re looking to have fun and pvp we are the guys for you! We offer tons of ways to sustain your wallet while having pvp fun so no need to worry about your iskies. We have a couple homes and many pvp opportunities as we go out just about every day, every chance we get. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in game “Conduct Uzumaki” or join our public recruitment channel “INSRT jobs”.

         - **What we offer** -

> Discord
> Pretty forum
> Many isk making opportunities
> Fun and easy learning
> Small to large roams, blops, gate camps, etc…
> Tons of pvp content
> Home in Null and Highsec
> Beautiful alliance :wink:


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