Two players looking for a chill corp

Hey guys,

My buddy and I are interested in joining a corp together. Last we played was in 2014.

About us:
EDIT: We are US timezone(PST)

My Buddy: 8.9m skill points which is geared towards exploration, production, and resource processing.

Myself: 25.5m skill points which is geared towards small ship fighting. Can fly Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente covert ops, assault frigates, and Inceptors.

We are hoping to find a corp that does a bit everything I guess? PvP maybe FW, mission running, etc. So a corp that isn’t too serious and doesn’t demand alot from us.

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ever thought about wormholes?

Yeah we thought about. my buddy is currently exploring wormholes right now lol

Guessing US TZ?

Im in a small wormhole corp that is looking for members, we have a c2 wh with c3 and hs exits… but we are mostly eutz :no_mouth:

It is 06:45 where i am in the eu btw :slight_smile:

Well i say ‘wh corp’ some members of the alliance dont live in the wh lol, its not a requirement so some live out in null or bounce around hs running missions/mining/exploring… i myself am more of a PvP scout/support at this moment in time :wink:

Would roleplay be of any interest or consideration to you?

Hey man,
We would like to talk with you when you have a minute. Discord

Our Forum.

Considered npc null? Can do a bit of everything and if you go on long breaks, there are npc stations so all your stuff will be there, accessible.

We are a small corp within (also small) alliance, mostly US timezone, little blues and between 2 big alliances where we take roams to d̶i̶e̶ have fun. Last cta was 2 years ago so you are free to do whatever you like during your playtime.

If interested contact Richie Kane and refer to this thread. Happy new yerr.

I am looking for people to fill seats. We have high sec and null sec corps so we do a little bit of everything.

currently about 30 active members in null and 5 or 6 in high sec. The only thing we really demand is to treat everyone with respect in the game.

We have teamspeak and discord as well. let me know if you’re interested.

Hey there, we might be a good fit for you if your primary active time is around 0200 Eve (that’s when our fleets usually start). We’re a small corp focused on low key pvp - decidedly unserious stuff. We don’t ask a lot - we have some out of game rules that boil down to don’t be a toxic jerk, and we’d like our pilots to fleet up with us once or twice a week. We don’t do much in the way of pve at the corp level, but our alliance does a lot of that sort of thing (mining, null sec missions, anomalies/ded sites).

Check out our ad and look me up if you’re interested! South of Heaven [SOHCO] Seeking New and Veteran Pilots!

Sent an in-game mail!

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