UberVers Gaming is Recruiting!

UberVers Gaming is Recruiting!

UberVers Gaming is a multi-gaming community based on good fun, common sense and giving the players a good place to enjoy games! We are a small corporation looking to grow and expand our member base and are currently looking for 10-15 members.

Everyone is welcome to join our corporation whether you are a new player a vet or alpha/ omega as long as you are active and are a team player then you have a place in our corporation

Looking for:
Exploration, Mission Running,Incursion,Trade,Mining, Research, Manufacturing…

Areas of Operations
High Sec,Wormhole Space…

(we may venture into Low Sec space in the future but no current plans…)


  • 1.Discord https://discord.gg/AQ6BBrQ
  • 2.Must be a team player
  • 3.Active 'Able to play at least once a week and if you plan on taking a break all we ask is that you just let us know So we do not think you quit and if you do decide to leave eve please let us know :slight_smile:

If you would like to know more about our corporation or are interested in joining you can contact me in game ‘Zylus River’ or on Discord and anyone is also welcome to join our steam group and discord channel.

Our Steam Group


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