Umbrella Co LTD is looking to recruit people to join us on our EVE adventure. We are a high sec corporation based in the Metropolis region in Minmatar space. We area corporation with strong null sec links and are looking to build up our numbers to eventually take the corporation to null sec . We are looking for honest, dedicated, laid back, fun loving players who realize that EVE is just a game and not real life.

As a corporation many of our policies are not set in stone, only educated guide lines we have developed based on suggestion and experience, we welcome your constructive input. Only you can decide how involved you are with the shaping of corporation policies and actions. We need those special people who take the initiative to drive us toward excellence, in the many fields of operations. We plan to remain a corporation where each member is valued and to give members opportunities to become self-sufficient through corporation ops and guidance. We are open to both veteran and new-players, currently we are only recruiting people who are active in the EU and US time zones.

What we offer:
• A friendly, fun, community and family in a real life comes first atmosphere
• Mining ops (Ore / Ice / Gas)
• PVE ops (Mission running / Incursions / Abbyss)
• Wormhole diving / Explorations ops
• PVP roams in LS and NS.
• No taxes
• Discord
• Guides and tutorials
• Learn from pilots experienced in all aspects of EVE
• A corporation where each member is valued with in the corporation
• Opportunity to help build a strong and successful corporation from the ground up
• A pathway to Null sec

How do we support you?
• Training classes to help you learn to make the most of Eve
• Regular training fleets to help you pilot your ships
• Help with ship set-ups
• Free ships and skill books
• Regular corporations ops
• A strong and supportive community of pilots around you

What we are looking for?
• Active players in the EU or US timezone
• Alpha or Omega characters welcome
• New or experienced players welcome
• Players who enjoy mining, PVE, exploration and small gang activities.
• Active participation in fleets and training
• Players that are looking to be part of something bigger.
• Players who want to learn and improve who are team players that want to achieve a common goal
• Active in Discord
• Working microphone/speakers ( coms are required no exceptions )
• Mature attitude
• Must realize that EVE is a game and not real life

At Umbrella Co LTD you will be part of a family that looks out for each other and enjoys each other’s company, come join us on our adventure.

If you have any questions direct them to Spencer E Oswell (US) / Alex Thomas (EU) or talk to us in our public channel Umbrella Recruitment or join our discord.

Recruiters: Spencer E Oswell (US) Alex Thomas (EU)
Public channel: “Umbrella Recruitment”
Discord: https://discord.gg/2Mf7R337Vs

Visit us in game in the Umbrella Recruitment channel
or on our website

Join Umbrella and make a better tomorrow for all of New Eden!

still recruiting

Still looking for new Family members

Recruitment is still open

WE are looking for family members to add to the fun


I’m looking to get back into Eve after a long time away.

Are you still recruiting?
I’d like to chat to someone about Eve and how it is now versus the last time I played.

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We are still recruiting if you are interested :slight_smile:

There is alot of changes depending on when you played last. Some would argue its better, some would argue its worse. But at the end of the day the game is still all about who can addapt the fastest to the changing tides. :slight_smile: https://discord.gg/2Mf7R337Vs even if you dont join and want to chat hit us up :slight_smile: