Ubuntu Game Files location

I am switching from Unity Ubuntu to KDE Neon and was wondering where are EVE files stored. I can just scoop them to an external and not have to download EVE again. I was wondering here can I find them?

Please and thank you for any help.

you use linux and don’t know how to find files?

it runs in WINE and thus contains the same files, so “find | grep eve.exe” from the root directory will likely help you figure out where you put it. i don’t use WINE and would never install EVE on my linux machine, so this is the best i can help you to help yourself.

alternatively run the client, open htop or top in a new terminal window and check the path to the executable.

If you are using the linux launcher it is located in the .eve folder in your home directory, If you are running it form your own wine prefix I´d suggest just copying the entire prefix over.