UEASC Technologies - Null-Sec Mining, PvE, Exploration, PvP!

UEASC Technologies is an industry-focused corporation operating out of Null-Sec Space. We have boosted mining operations, L4/L5 mission runners, exploration fleets, PvP gangs, and more.

We currently can provide the following:
- Boosted Mining Operations and Mission Fleets
- Small Gang PvP roams, PvP Tournaments
- Wormhole diving, Scouting Operation, Scanned Site Running
- Access to Ice
- Friendly, active players
- Corp events in all fields
- Training and Education Fleets
- Jump Freighter Services
- Ore, Ice, PI, Salvage and Mineral Buyback Programs

We are looking for experienced Omega’s with a minimum of 5,000,000 skill points, who are invested in being friendly and helpful to corp and corp members while making some BIG ISK!

Please join: UESCT Public for more information

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