UKOC Needs More Tentacle Lovers!

UKOC needs more tentacle lovers!


The old ones are always looking to increase their cult followers count, and to this end I am here to inform anyone interested in joining Unholy Knights of Cthulhu that there is now a chance to do just so!

I’ll keep this brief because even the old ones don’t like pages filled with :words:.
We are:
o Members of TEST Alliance Please Ignore
o Highly Objective Based Gameplay and independent individually
o Opportunists on matters both PVP and PVE
o Here for a good time, not a safe time!

If you have above 10M SP, have a microphone and are willing to voice chat with others and aren’t an obvious spai, go apply! Special cases can be made for those who don’t meet the SP requirement, but aren’t guaranteed.

Discord link:

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