UNAST - Recruitment - PVP , PVE , Mining , Manufactoring , Noob friendly , null/high sec ,

Hello there capsuleer, I would like a moment of your time to tell you something.

If you just started playing eve online, welcome to the game!. Just note that your adventure doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. Joining a corporation is a major part in your learning and having fun with the game. You need the one key ingredient that all gamers require to get the most out of MMOs like this, and that is making new friends to share your adventures with.

Within our organization we have the experienced members to help you advance further within this game. By Joining us we will provide you with the money you need to purchase the items and ships to help you progress, Provide access to information to give you a better understanding of the game. You will be taking part in group activities that way when you choose a ‘Career’ path you enjoy the most you won’t be doing it alone but with others beside you that you can trust and make your journey more fulfilling.

Our organization currently has two corporations; United Ascendancy State (UNAST) and Ascendening Academy (ASACY). All players that are new will be sent to Ascendening Academy (ASACY) where they will be given the time to allow skills to grow and training to avoid most forms of attack from opposing forces. As for experienced pilots they will be sent to United Ascendancy State (UNAST) in Null-sec, we currently own our very own system base full of structures, our Alliance and Coalition hold pvp almost every day, join and be part of pvp battles or support our role as creators, help us fill the roles and ranks needed to continue our day to day operations. Your experience and support we will be used to not only grow our numbers but grow our goal of making sure all of our members are having fun with the game!

What our organization can offer you!

Out all of the corporations in Eve Online we are special from the others. Most Corporations operate in a way that people tend to dislike its ethics and methods. Where members feel that they are a number and not a member of the family. In our organization we do things differently, as we allow you to choose your own path so that you may fully explore the sandbox that you aim to thrive in.
Once you join our corporations just remember that our goal is to help you every step of the way. So don’t stress and relax as we will not rush you, but give you the time you need to advance further on every level!
As for Experienced players our pvp operation occurs almost every day! We can assure you that when it comes to PVP content, we have our own PVP operations so you will have a blast. Most of the pvp operations are schedule based and you will be informed in advance on our discord server or website calendar. As for our Mining operations we have our moon mining operations with mining boosts. Do note that we will provide Protection from invaders that can harm your production! The same will go for PVE pilots trying to purge rats out of our space for bounties. We offer a 24/7 surveillance on gate to ensure you a secure and solid security to keep you out of harm’s way.

As for manufacturing we provide manufacturing projects with blueprints to give you the chance in playing a role in our economy. With your help we will build ships that our members require in order to thrive successfully in their day to day operations. As we all play our role and use our skills to make a difference we will be become a self sufficient group that will overcome any upcoming challenges.

The Services We Offer
● Buyback system for all types of Items
● Manufacturing Industry Complex with 0% tax on Research and Development and manufacturing
● Moon refineries with R4 to R32 moons with 0% moon miners fee and having moon mining operations 24/7 (if you don’t know what the rarity means don’t worry about it)
● Reprocessing at 56% base efficiency (how much is lost when reprocessing)
● Jump Freighter Service
● Ship Replacement program
● Training program for Manufacturing, PVP, PVE , Mining , Planetary interaction , Exploration
● Access to over 750+ corporation blueprints (Ships, Modules, Ammo)
● Mining boost being provided during mining operations
● Voice Servers: Discord at Corp level, Team Speak at Alliance level, and Mumble at Coalition level
● Knowledgeable tech support.
● Play with friends that operate within USA , EU and AS Time zones
What do we require?
Just note that this is just a game and not a job so we do not want you to feel obligated to put more time then you have available. All we ask is that you join us in our group events and help us expand our corporations ideal of having fun.
• Write and/or speak English
• Be willing to listen in on voice channels during Operations as the speed is essential at times
Wanna join our cause?
Thank you for much for reading this far. Hopefully we have caught your interest and you will be joining us. If you have any questions or concerns please reply back to this message letting us know! As for joining us were are simply just a click way and requesting an invite is as easy as 1, 2, & 3.Within your application please give us some detail about yourself that way we will have a better knowledge of who you are ! click here to apply!( http://unast.enjin.com/login/do/register )

If you have any questions please send a mail to TDD Dominaters

Here are some links to give you additional facts about our group!

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