Unbound Reborn. Join a fast growing, friendly corp today!

Unbound Reborn

Unbound Reborn is recruiting!

Who are we?

We are a fast growing corp filled with a very friendly and dedicated community who are looking for new members to welcome into our ranks. All players are welcome as long as you can act mature and take advice.
We are primarily an EU/US time zone with around pilots on all the time.

What do we offer?

  • Multiple fleets per week ranging from ratting to mining or PvP.
  • A very friendly, active community who is always willing to help everyone.
  • A newbie friendly environment. Our corp is focused on helping new players learn more so that they can become the best pilots in New Edon!
  • We are part of a larger alliance known as WE FORM BL0B University so we have access to lots of space and a market in nullsec including stations to produce ships and other various items.
  • Although we are primarily focused on null-sec, we do also have many members who do various activities in high-sec such as incursions, mining and running dangerous site in abyssal deadspace.

What do we ask for?

  • As part of our recruitment process, all new members must sign in to EVE-HR.
  • Have Discord. You do not have to speak or chat there but you do have to be able to listen.
  • Be willing to learn and listen to advice.

Where can you contact us?

Feel free to join our discord server to ask any questions or just to have a chat!
You can also join our in-game recruitment channel(Unbound Recruitment) to speak to our recruiters.
If preferred you can also mail the following people:

  • Ascorbic
  • Chooster Bobjeffman
  • zzjuice
  • Chi no Hoseki
  • Vogg
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We are currently recruiting!

Feel free to apply anytime!

Recruitment is currently open

Feel free to send any questions to the following people:

  • Ascorbic
  • Chooster Bobjeffman
  • zzjuice
  • Chi no Hoseki
  • Vogg

We are still open for recruiting.

Feel free to join our in-game chat “Unbound Recruitment”

We are still recruiting

If you want to join a great corp then you are in the right place!

Recruitment in open

Feel free to join our discord

still open for recruitment

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