[EU/US] [Null/High] Unbound Reborn

Are you a new player who wants to learn but is feeling a little lost in the vastness of New Eden?

Are you a returning veteran who wants to play an active role in a helpful and thriving corporation?

Want to have a chance to be apart of a Alliance from the beginning?

Then look no further than Unbound Reborn! A corporation that welcomes both newbros and experienced players alike.

Recruitment is currently: OPEN

Unbound Reborn [LEUBY] is a relatively new corporation in the space of New Eden (founded in 2021) and is managed by seasoned and dedicated veterans of the game.

We are active in both the EU and US time zone (though currently skewed towards the EU).

As a corporation we are involved in many of activities the activities offered in New Eden. Our primary focuses are small/medium gang pvp, industry, mining, and pve content (such as ratting).

Our home is in V0LTA space as a part of their coalition of alliances. We are apart of the newly formed Alliance WE FORM BL0B (BL0B).

Our zKill


  • A home in NullSec in Fade/Deklein
  • For newbros we offer a “starter package” to help you get used to living in NullSec.
  • Small/Medium Gang PvP
  • Industry and Mining opportunities (including corp buy back on Ore/Ice/Minerals)
  • PvE content such as ratting
  • Access to Corporation and Alliance hauling services.


  • Must sign into Eve-HR as a part of our recruitment process.
  • Must be willing to use Discord (to listen if nothing else).
  • A good attitude and a willingness to learn/teach is also a must.

If you are interested in joining Unbound Reborn, please contact Ascorbic or join our public recruitment channel (Unbound Recruitment).

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