Unintended ship comands

(WhiteTiger Shao-Lin) #1

While in fleet and dual boxing I often have issues with controlling my ships. I left click on rats in my overview or even on the screen and it immediately starts trying to align to that target. How do I get this to stop? 1/2 hour later it’s trying to run the dirrectional scanner when I left click on anything at all. Modules, empty space, anything.

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #2

Kind of sounds like your mouse is broken. It usually aligns when you double-click.

(Coleidra Harkonnen) #3

I had exactly this problem when my previous mouse (Razer Naga) started to die… It was double-clicking all the time, and playing Eve with it was a nightmare. Try with another mouse if you can to be sure that it is the problem.

(Netan MalDoran) #4

Same thing here, mouse was dying and I killed myself during an engagement cause it started to manual pilot me right towards the guy I was kiting x.x

(Keno Skir) #5

Super secret mouse hacking PvP ring I reckon.

(Duinthorn Drakken) #6

You might try simply using ‘contact cleaner’ to clean-up possibly dirty contacts in the mouse – if you single-click, but get results as though you dbl-clicked or click-hold, it indicates the contacts need cleaning . Might save a cpl. dollars before going out and buying new mouse.

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