United Neopian Federation[UNF-A] alliance recruiting corporations for highsec/lowsec living

With the growing number of Neopian Capsuleers and Colonists working there way through the cluster from their remote home system, a branch of the Neopian Government reached out to a small group of capsuleer corporations who had been sponsoring the children of the distant world, giving them a hand in the advancement of their home.

Primarily industrial in nature, the UNF has made strides to aggressively adapt technologies from the cluster at large to bring themselves up to par technologically with the main empires and pirate factions, but has not neglected the more militaristic tendencies of their new capsuleer friends.

Capsuleer Population Employed: 76
Affiliate Capsuleer Corporations: 6
Baseliner Military Population: 1,606,978,322
Baseliner Civilian Population: 36,571,352,054

The United Neopian Federation is a small relaxed PVP, Industrial, and RP Lite alliance that has been about for the past four years bouncing around lowsec and diving into other areas of space. The alliance is currently looking for additional industrial, PVP, and exploration corps to come and join us for highsec and lowsec living. RP is encouraged but not enforced.

Alliance provides a stable location, with benefits such as Alliance wide buyback programs for ores, salvage, and PI, and free small ships available for hand out to get into low end small-gang PVP.

We look for primarily like minded pilots and corporations looking for a little extra flavour and context to their activities in new eden. Contact Lauralite Anne Brezia or join the channel ‘UNF Embassy and Recruitment Center’ in-game for further details if you are interested in joining the UNF, individually, or as a corporation!

Alliance is still recruiting for PVP, PVE, and New Player corps.

Still accepting applications for highsec, lowsec, and new player corps!

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