Unlimited BACON! Yes, Eve Montréal is back!

Yes the Eve Montréal is back! Not only will you be having fun will fellow capsuleers and spreadsheet lovers in a enchanting Canadian forest décor, with unlimited bacon, unlimited maple syrup (the real thing), but also all you can eat Canadian traditional cuisine!

Also, the player participant will be given a bag full of merch from CCP and from the player groups that want to pitch in some of theirs.

Since it’s in a sugar shack, we’re also making this event family friendly :blush: meaning that your +1 and your kids are most welcome. There’s tickets specific for all age groups under 12 yrs old.

Tickets are limited. Reserve your spot now!

(if you’re a represent of a group that would like some of your merch in the participant’s bag, please contact me in private)

In less than 2 weeks now, the Eve Montréal will be happening! And we are confirming our numbers to the venue on the 19th of March. So don’t wait!

We have been informed that extra in-game items (more than usual events) will be provided to all players! Plus, we will have a CCP developer with us!

See you at the Sugar Shack!

And share the word!



C’est dans moins de 2 semaines qu’on va se retrouver au Eve Montréal! Aussi, nous confirmons la réservation le 19 mars, alors n’attendez pas pour vous procurer vos billets!

On a été informé qu’une quantité supplémentaire d’items in-game sera donnée à tous les joueurs! Aussi, un développeur de CCP sera présent avec nous!

On se voit à la cabane à sucre!

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