Unsecure Connection - FREE PVP ships - new player-friendly - WH C5-C5

We are a new player-friendly corp, living in a C5-C5 together with the PvP focus corp Unsecure Space.

We can help you with what Wormhole life is all about, from ratting to PVP.
mostly active in the EU time zone.

ISK? You can easily make +500m in the H.

What to lean PVP?

  • 100% FREE PVP ships in our home [Corp hanger]
  • PVP training - in combat
  • You will get combat experience
  • Have a reason to log in
  • If you are good, promotion to Unsecure Space.


  • Omega Accounts

  • English speaking

  • Discord talk as an approval process


We Use:

  • Pathfinder - for wormhole mapping
  • TEAMSPEAK server - combat voice
  • Discord server. ping for fleet, written communication, etc.

Have a chat with us:

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