Unsecure Space [C5 /w C5s EU TZ]

Small WH group is looking for some fresh blood to joing our ranks !

We are in C5 red giant with C5 static.

If you like to live a casual life in WH, scanning the chain, finding the nullsec with Goons in it and then get blobed by 67 people, then consider joining our Discord and have a chat.

Requirements are:
❃ Omega Accounts
❃ English speaking
❃ Willingness to train ships doctrines
❃ Discord talks as an approval process
❃ More than 15 Million SP
❃ And the will to kill everything, get Space Rich and be part of a small but special WH Corp with some space weirdos

We also have everything that small wh group have: PvE fleets, industry, PI, etc… So what ever floats your boat !

C ya in space !

Welcome back to WH!

Bumpity the Bump !

Still looking for some people !

Good morning to all !

Still need fresh blood for the grinder !

Old blood is also welcome !

Still here. There is no queue. Come right in !

It is a great day today !