Unspoken Alliance. is now accepting applications [Null]

Unspoken Alliance. (QUIET) is an independent sov holding alliance recruiting PVP corporations interested in PVP ranging from small gang warfare to capital escalations. We currently live and own sov in southern Etherium Reach, allowing us access to content from locals, and aggressors.

We are looking for corporations (No one man corps, sorry!) with experienced PVP pilots who enjoy creating content and flying in small and medium gangs.

What we offer:

-Experienced FC’s who are willing to fight outnumbered.

-A relaxed atmosphere of corporations who are simultaneously effective pvpers, while not being too elitist.

-Engagements ranging from small gang to capital escalation allowing for a variation of different playing styles.

-Independent sov holding alliance allowing access to drone sites for easy isk making.

-Partial ship replacement program for all ships.

-Strategically placed location for hunting of groups of all sizes.

-Jump Freighter Services and Market (WIP) that is being stocked with every day consumable objects, and contracted ships.

What we are looking for:

-Corporations looking to fight outnumbered and outgunned and come out on top

-Corporations who want to use their capitals for more than dropping on a random roamer.

-Corporations willing to move with the alliance. No 10 or less man alliances (With exceptions). NO you may not stay in your shoddy lowsec system.

-Previous PVP experience is a must for the majority of your corporations members.

-Looking for US and EU TZ


-TS3 and working mic




If interested, contact 3TEARS or join “Better Off Red” in-game channel


bump :slight_smile: come join for great fights

Still recruiting PVP corps

Still recruiting! Come help us fight the good fight!

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I don’t often think of alliances or corporations as “Good” or “Worth time”. Better off Red, and Unspoken alliance are both. I’ve flown with many people, but few as experienced, semi-patient, and singularly skilled as well as skilled as a whole. Some have called them ‘elitist pricks’ or ‘bitter vets’ but those people typically were both bad at Eve, while simultaneously being bad at insults. Join Better off Red, or apply to join Unspoken Alliance, and we won’t promise you much, but we do promise you’ll kill stuff, and if nothing else, you’ll laugh whole heartedly when 3tears dies to Thrashers.

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Still looking for PVP corporations

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Join up for great fights

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Still looking for corps!