Up to Now

I was a good clone trooper during the clone wars. but that was years ago. It hard to believe I am still alive. Ugh eternity is a curse. Well anyways I am now a pilot instead but at least I got to keep my rank as captain. Anyways ugh keep getting off topic. I am a navy pilot for the gallente empire and I’m loyal to them. But as I have been flying in space and doing missions. I craved something more. I started a corporation. I just hope people join and with that corporation i hope glory comes. I just want to be able to mean something in this universe. I made good friends though along the way. One of them was Tub. Apparently he did not die like I thought. Tub was a buddy of mine who fought with me in the clone wars. I was a Lieutenant then. But anyways today though I learned he was brutally killed by the Serpentis. I went to avenge my friend. And I succeeded to kill them all. But it never will do good for my friend. Now currently I am hunting the Serpentis until I get enough money to build up my corporation more. But will I survive. already got shot once. But would it happen again.

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