Updated: Withdrawn from Auction. Please delete

Positive Isk Balance - empty on sale
Positive Sec status
No Kill rights
No Jump clones
Basic set of implants:
-Basic Ocular
-Basic Memory Aug
-Basic Neural Boost
-Basic Cybernetic
-Basic Social
-Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ AC603
-Zainou ‘Gnome’ SM703
-Zainou ‘Deadeye’ MH803
-Eifr and Co. ‘Gunslinger’ SS-903
-Zainou ’ Deadeye’ RL1003
Remap available now with 2 bonus
Argyros skins for Oracle, Myrm, Drake and Tornado
Blue Tiger skin for Rifter
Serpentis skin for Incursus
Located: Perimeter 2 Moon 1 Caldari Navy Assembly plant
Biding start at 35Bil buyout at 41Bil


35b b/o

Morning General I’ll accept the 35 bil if still interested. CCP rules apply.

Bump - Auction continues no response from last bidder

Daily bump - no taker in 24 hrs toon will be removed from sale.

30 bil

thanks but no. Toon will be withdrawn from auction

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