Upwell Palatine Keepstar BPC

Hi all,

I have a “Upwell Palatine Keepstar Blueprint” to sell. Could not find any on contract currently for sale, great collectors item!

Located in Jita
Feel free to either reply here with offers or to evemail them directly to me.

useless blueprint, someone will probably make one just before tranquility is retired
Guess you could try to sell it to the guy trying to make one

useless or not i am looking for that guy that wants it

up top

one on contracts for 1b

id give you a bill for it

1.1 bil best offer.

and that’s just for collection value.


no i need atleast 4 bill to square even coz 2.5 mil LP went in and 200 mil isk as you know LP points can sell anywher between 1200 -1600 isk per LP

Why would you spend that much on a bpc that will never get built…

No one will pay you 4 bil for that… best cut your losses and move on.

Ill offer my original 1billion and thats just for collection value and to collect dust…

Why would someone pay you 4b so you could be even instead of just purchasing it themselves if they really wanted to? I’d take the 1.2b, learn your lesson and move on

i will take it for 1.3b

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