Upwell Palatine Keepstar Blueprint BPC - Jita Auction -SOLD 4b highest bid

Hello All.

This item is on Public Contracts in jita 4-4.

It ends:
Tuesday Night 6:43pm (PST) 01:43 EveTime
1m Start Bid
Bid on the contract, not here.

This Blueprint COPY is aviliable on the ORE LP Store.

This BPC costs 2,000,000 Loyalty Points and 200,000,000 ISK.

Not including the voyage from nullsec to Jita.

Please look at this link to the LP store Rewards.

This is more of a collectors item.

Please do not leave negative comments in this post. Mail them to me.

I am assuming most people who look at this Post will be aware that this Keepstar takes a lot of materials to manufacture. 80trillion isk +

But if not, you know now. Please read the show info on the keepstar itself.

Thanks for looking!

That thing has no value. No one can build it.

@Dori Long you wasted 2 mil lp and 200 mil isk, as @zander exvirus mentioned, the palatin keepstar is unbuildable.

To buy all material it would need ISK, but ISK is not the problem.

Just the Broadcast Nodes needed are 8.600.000 only there are at moment ~70.000 Broadcast Nodes in Jita or less than one percent buyable.

Thanks for the bump guys, did you not read my post?

Thanks for your time,

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