Upwell Palatine Keepstar

(Yodik) #22

hny everyone. i dont have some enuff point for reporting, just announce some changes. soon, i update investment part and give possibility to invest isk for building component parts. also i risk to wrote private mailing for players who can something like this. also i will create alliance. list of upk functional changes i keep little bit, couse its not enuff players suggestions. also i stoped public PI project.

(Yodik) #23

monthly up.

nothing special. i expand my stream time. also prepare for moon miningin wh.

(Yodik) #24

monthly up.

(Jona Ambramotte) #25

Citadels can’t be anchored in there. Just sayin.

(Yodik) #26

for now. i know, thx.

(Yodik) #27


(Yodik) #28


(Yodik) #29

second year report available

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #30

how goes the scam so far?

(Yodik) #31

by your preys.

(Yodik) #32

monthly up

(Yodik) #33

monthly up

(Arthur Aihaken) #34

Brought to you be the letters RMT and the number 0.

(Yodik) #35


(Circumstantial Evidence) #36

The purpose of building the Palatine seems to be… a truly massive effort, just to obtain a right to brag… that you were the first to get one destroyed.

(Yodik) #37

maybe you can explain why he must and will be destroyed? couse 2 years, forum warriors cant explain.

(The Dunning Kruger) #38

The single most expensive killmail ever. Being killboard green until the servers shut down. Swinging that “I’m on that killmail” dick around (I’m on the Steve killmail, btw. First titan, fuckers! Now get off my lawn!).

The question isn’t “if” it will be destroyed, the question is if it’s going to survive for longer than a week.

(Yodik) #39

i heard same arguments about first ans second eve keepstar, no one even moves. but forums is ideal threat platform, go on.

(The Dunning Kruger) #40

Well, if you manage to actually build it (which I doubt), I’ll come back to this thread with “I told you so” after it got blown up.

(Yodik) #41

its mostly easy in this project. i no doubt u cant do more.