Yodik's recruiting

ExPIrement (stoped)

Looking for PI characters by medium or more experienced, for wormhole activity.

I give you:
Only one system in WH space with all types of planets.
5% custom office tax.
Personal standing for acces to citadel and custom office.
Corporation office on Astrahus for 50kk isk, cloning service for 1kk. Also you can agree about manufacturing on Raitaru with its industrial corporation owner.
Free command centers and Epithals (without fit).
Help with transporting PI to near high-sec NPC station in weekends.
Possiblу buying PI in system.
Discord, only for PI discussions.

I want from you:
WH live experience.
Your own transport for PI collecting, better if its DST.
Give me report of production amount and tax payments (at will).
Not to engage in conflict and provocation with colleagues and guests of the system.
Not touch system anomalies.
Report me about new structures in system.

Project in this form planning to exist untill january 2018.
Applications with list of PI characters and request to entrance will be accepted by mail on Yodik

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to the end of week tax maybe lower.

Омg! Is realy cool









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