Upwell Palatine Keepstar

(Crimson Draufgange) #42

So @Yodik how much ISK has this “project” made you so far? You can mail me a pic. I understand if you don’t want to post things like that to the public.

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(Krysenth) #44

I dont think there are enough disposable market alts available to be made in order to actually buy everything required without giving away precisely who is buying it.

(Yodik) #45

its can be solved if part invester build his kit by himself.

(raknor bile) #46

There isnt even enough materials to build it in the game, this is a scam.

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(raknor bile) #48

that its a scam or that the materials dont exist in the needed numbers? how many keepstars could you build with what you have so far? not even 1 i would think and you need 1000 times that. as for proof this isnt a scam why not get chribba involved and have him keep all isk and materials then maybe people would put faith in this.

(Yodik) #49

so u not sure? about materials and scam.

(raknor bile) #50

i know for a fact the materials dont exist for this and wont for years. as for this being a scam pretty much all of eve knows it is.

(Yodik) #51

in 1st year after citadels are deployed, all citadels was build from half of palatine resource needed. its wrote in first year report and ccp tell this on fan fest. besides, how many resources is not using in components building and how many is gathering every day? no one knows. so u liar.

(raknor bile) #52

So what you are saying is the materials dont exist, because all of eve would need to stop building citadels for a year and give it all to you and it could be built.

(Yodik) #53

i dont know about exist amount, but they can be gathered, its a fact.

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(Yodik) #54

monthly up

(zluq zabaa) #55

There is zero need for a Palatine Keepstar. It’s just a big fat material sink without any advantage.

Also I doubt you’ll get anywhere. You started this thread over a year ago. If you have 1% of materials now, it will take you 100 years to finish it. Lol.

You’d need ~30,000 (thirty thousand) Planetary Installations running non-stop for a year with loads of manual work on the PI. 5000 Perfect PI Skilled Chars 6 planets each working on nothing else. It’s 1667 Accounts. 2.25 Trillion a month just for PLEX to collect the PI at current low PLEX prices.

For exactly: nothing. No use value beyond a regular Keepstar.

Either you didn’t calculate properly or you are a scam.

Either way: whoever gives you anything, is doing it wrong.

(Uriel the Flame) #56

I wonder which will be finished sooner: StarCitizen or the Palpatine Deathstar. :rofl: Though the keepstar seems more plausibe still. :laughing:

(Yodik) #57

u not read first post. good bye.

(Linus Gorp) #58

Scam checks out

(Yodik) #59

why u think so, bad experience?

(Linus Gorp) #60

Because that’s literally what you wrote.

(Yodik) #61

i never wrote this, you liar.