I need to anchor Upwell Palatine Keepstar

I need to anchor Upwell Palatine Keepstar.But it has been anchored by CCP. Please give me permission. Thank you.

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Just nuke the CCP one.

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I giving You official permission for anchoring The Palatine Keepstar.

Have good day.

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request denied.

how about them apples?

no lol

Palatine Keepstar. я скоро поставить кеепстар ок

no ivan

your not allowed to anchor an Upwell Palatine Keepstar because only one may be deployed at a time in all of New Eden and your not able to find any blueprints of it to produce it and IF you do get the blueprint, you will need a hell of a lot of people materials and time (since it takes about 1950 yrs in real life to manufacture it). So you really should not poke at CCP to ask permission to build a UP Keepstar unless you can live for 2000 yrs.

Or have 2000 friends?




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