The Palatine Keepstar- sov null suicide?

I ask that as a thinking kind of question. the palatine could be dropped in a wormhole, and wouldn’t it be obvious that the only thought is that when it’s all said and done, the occupying entity is evicted, maybe even turning that system into a second thera of sorts for weeks afterwards.

could the same be true for null?

The way i see it, if the alliance chose to protect it they would leave some of their system unguarded, where some may jump on the opportunity to claim more sov. some may say that the palatine is some “massive bourgeoisie” thing and want it dead, would they want the undoing of the holding alliance too?

i’d say the eve community would have to prepare it’s anus wherever the palatine drops, 'cause damn what a fight there could be.


It’s been a while since I thought about the Palatine but isn’t it something like it would take more than all of the current PI materials in the game to build it? Even if someone could buy it all, let alone ship it all in


Sourcing all the materials yourself or from buy orders - and making everything from the ground up - the Palatine would cost ~110+ TRILLION in ISK or opportunity cost. Source your materials from sell orders and that figure goes up to ~150+T.

The first problem presented of course is what person or entity has this much disposable wealth to pool together in the hopes of building this thing. Very few if any at all.

The next problem is the aforementioned argument about how much PI is really in the game or how many years it would take to accumulate this much material.

But then you would have the even bigger problem of trusting someone to be handed all this stuff and for them to actually make the station as opposed to transferring it all to an alt, biomassing, and heading off into the sunset. That much isk can buy you as many immaculately trained characters as your heart desires.


You need some comoditys too. Like Scottys clone and that kind of stuff.

I hope you are being jocular. Lol. The price of the commodities was included in my original figures, but comes to a whopping 3.6B. Which is 0.002% of the total cost of the PK.

Isn’t it proven already no structure is safe from destruction if you throw enough money to it, especially the predicted size of that battle with the TiDi and all it’s crap disrupting actions/orders to be made, the drones will just keep automatically swarm the structure.

It’s like a bee hive and a honey badger going into to it no matter the cost because it is going to be all worth it imo.

Personally I think the Palatine Keepstar will never be deployed, you must be stupid to deploy that thing.(or really really bored)

Just mind the your empire expansion&power you can have instead with all the effort and capital you install replaced for the prestige pinata.

Soon as sumone went to drop one

It would go bang before it went up

Period, waste of isk

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So here are a few thing that we can pretty much predict.

  • It’s likely going to be HK, obviously in a WH. But let’s move forward assuming it’s Goons, who are the second most likely to put one up.
  • Nobody but the few people actually involved in the build will even be told.
  • It will be anchored without telling anyone, though FCs will be notified to be on standby as with any KS drop or the upcoming day.
  • The process will complete likely with nobody the wiser that it was ever in the works.
  • Once anchored, good luck mustering the forces anywhere to kill it until that alliance starts to wither and fade away.

Why would anyone even want one except for bragging rights (that drive your alliance bankrupt)?

Just spam Keepstars instead.

u all from past. Upwell Palatine Keepstar (English speaking community)

The Palatine is a satire of EVE.

Much more fun would be Dyson spheres.

Of course it can be made, but it looks like it would need coordinated effort of many alliances. Then they would just blow it up probably. So much effort for a few fireworks…

what do you mean dyson spheres?

the point was if a palatine build/defense could lead to a “burn this alliance” kind of deal.

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