Where is the palatine?

Where is the Palatine Keepstar? i think its been enough time for atleast one group to be able to make it.

Shouldve made it and anchored it in hisec while they had the chance.

Are there any groups that are close?

Can anyone donate to me to make it a reality?

This guy has been slowly at it for a long time.



Not enough time.

MAIN REASON WE DONT HAVE ONE is because it will become galaxy target number 1 when anchored and everyone will want to be on that KM. So why put that investment in for such little gain and such high risk vs a normal Keepstar?

Hope this helps o/


Well, thats why they shouldve anchored it in hisec when they had the chance. Wouldve made it that much harder.

pretty sure goons could anchor it in 1DQ and it would probably last a very long time.

You can build more than 450 regular keepstars for the cost of a Palatine.


But you can only build 1 Palatine.

Whats more valuable. A car that costs 10 million dollars and only 1 exists in the world, or a car that costs 100,000 dollars and 100 exists in the world?

You can build as many Palatines as you have the materials for.
Only one can be anchored at any given time.
If it was worth building, goons or phorde would have. They’ve clearly decided that having 450 regular keepstars is a better use of resources.


Whats the point of building one if you cant anchor it.

Its just a show of force.

Also if I recall correctly the first ever built then destroyed will have a monument created for it with the name of its builders on it or something. Only the first one. Carving your name in EVE history like that should make it worthwhile for any alliance just for the sake of showing off. Well at least if they had the dignity to strive for greatness that is. Instead all they’ve proven they can’t even manage to build one. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiling_imp:

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Putting up a Keepstar or 2 or 3 rather (in the case of CFC/Goons in Delve) in every system you own is a much more impressive show of force than 1 Palatine in 1DQ1, where it’s just more clutter at the T5Z gate.


Do you know how many keepstars are in the game right now? Not impressive at all.

Would you be impressed by someone who owned 30 supercars that cost 100,000, or 1 supercar that is worth 10 million?


As a side note, if anyone wants to send me like a couple trillion isk i will build one for your corp.

Just a couple trillion should do.

err, it was calculated at ISK84 trillion, including build costs, a few years back.

I daresay it’s more now.

here’s the bill of materials:

265356011 Megacyte
61916400018 Mexallon
8 Morphite
1326780016 Nocxium
176904000015 Pyerite
884520000026 Tritanium
619164033 Zydrine
6674400 Broadcast Node
2073600 Integrity Response Drones
5427000 Nano-Factory
5491800 Organic Mortar Applicators
3677415 Recursive Computing Module
3839400 Self-Harmonizing Power Core
7030800 Sterile Conduits
5135400 Wetware Mainframe
450000 Holoreels
450000 Small Arms
450000 Spiced Wine
450000 Frozen Food
2250 Janitor
9000 Marines
81 Heavy Water
167 Liquid Ozone
152 Nitrogen Isotopes
61 Oxygen Isotopes
22 Strontium Clathrates
8 Technetium
22 Thulium
6 Titanium
16 Tungsten
21 Vanadium
21 Villard Wheel
21 Coolant
21 Enriched Uranium
21 Mechanical Parts
21 Oxygen
21 Robotics
9 Thermoelectric Catalysts
1 Scotty the Docking Manager’s Clone

that’s ~73.5 trillion at Jita Buy, today. Plus build costs. Assuming that materials list is accurate (it’s been copied from a Reddit post on the topic)

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i see.

no need to ask, how u build it if have few trillions.

can u show me example of how do it faster?


No offense :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: You are doing a great job. I can’t say fast because one person can only do it so fast. :joy: All my support man gl. You are way way better at this game dude. I just have my trash PI setup and my trash PVE ships to make isk. I don’t have the alts or the dedication compared to my multiboxer friends.

You clearly never heard of putting all your eggs in one basket dude.

My point still stands.

What group is going to take the risk for what little return this station offers? Clout? Glory? Fame? It appears to me these NS groups have some really good business sense when building multiple keepstars is a better idea vs just 1 big and barely unique station. :sweat_smile:

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Rome’s Palatine Hill.

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Just dropped off some fuelbocks for the [Palatine] Keepstar



Ill match whatever is donated.

So i just need like 35 trillion isk in donations. Not that much. Just pull out your credit card and your moms credit card too. We can do it!