Palatine Vault

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Hope you know that only one man trying build Palatine right now. But his live is short and EVE need that revolution.

1) Create public available vault, just like PLEX vault.
2) For example, its located in Jita. It can fill by components from any players (Alpha/Omega), any place of New Eden and Anoikis in one-way mode with notification about this, like notification when you drop item to corporation hangar. But depend on how far away from Jita, it require tax payment, same as asset safety.
a) Limit fill when components will collect.
b) Do not limit fill components collect, if there is plan to built more then one Palatine. However its create speculations in voting.
3) Create Palatine ledger of investers. It must be in game and public available, but need duplicate it to game site, fro example to and link on it to launcher.

WARNING: then follow intrigue, just like all you love, watch my hands.

4) When components will be enough for building Palatine in perfect manufacturing conditions (Sotiyo in null/WH with T2 rig), developer initiate election, for example, using in game panel with acces to investers only and they deliver their votes to any candidate which they choose in search panel. One component equal one vote.
All this can be adapted to in game corporation shares, for example CCP corporation, let them justify their existence.
a) Yes, components have different cost, which can serve speculation to cheap votes, but weak majority is not new in this game. Also it provokes to hurry up in building.
b) Cheap or smallest amount of components can be available to fill only for alpha accounts or young characters.
How do you like that login campaign and recruiting activity, CCP?
c) Its only way for TAPIRIUM to have Palatine.
d) Make available to sell characters with votes.
5) Chosen one take acces to use collected components in manufacturing or take acces to withdraw components from vault in any manufacturing place. Its remove problem of transportation components to facility, but i think if some one want build Palatine, he/she smart and decide to build components in correct place, not in Thera.
a) Chosen one choose place of building. If he/she choose facility with less manufacturing bonuses then Sotiyo in null/WH with T2 rig, then component collecting will continue.
b) Missing components, items of non structure group, blueprint and manufacturing tax is chosen one problem, let him working to.
6) Further manipulations with Palatine is chosen one right.
a) Ofc, if Palatine will be deployed and destroyed, then developer add names from Palatine ledger to monument biography in crime place.
b) I think developer should create monuments to any destroyed Palatine, for we can collect mega monument in Anoikis.

How about that ISK SINK, CCP?

Russian version.

for people who don’t get it:

OP wants to take credit for building the first Palatine Keepstar. He’s been on this mission since 2016/17 when it was first introduced.. It’s taken him about 3 years to realize that he can’t actually accomplish this without the contribution of the entire EVE Online community over the span of several years. He’s only just realizing this despite being told for those 3 years, by basically everyone, that his goal is not feasible.

So he’s proposing a system where Alpha players can also do PI so they can contribute to his personal goal of setting up a Palatine keepstar.

He doesn’t really have a viable plan beyond this, so he’s closing off his post by saying:

Because he’s smart enough to realize that isk sinks are an issue in the game, but not smart enough to actually understand what it entails. Which is why he just throws that in there, as if it’ll make or break CCP’s decision to satisfy his own personal goal.

TL:DR; OP wants CCP to do op’s work for him so he can take credit for building the first palatine keepstar


@Yodik : You do realize that the whole point of these forums is to get peer review and community support before the idea is picked up by CCP or CSM right? Unless it is exceptionally relevant (esp. to a particular CSM member) or uncontroversial, there is no need to tag CCP staff (or CSM ). It is irresponsible and inconsiderate to do so, both to them for wasting their time and to other forum users who are pitching their ideas without getting special treatment. And even when you do tag CCP, you’re supposed to tag the ones who engage with the forums, not all of them.

Your proposal is a HORRIBLE idea for numerous obvious reasons I won’t bother enumerating- an idea that will fail peer review and be quickly dismissed by CCP and CSM.

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from start of project i offer people to join me.

can you read not through your education? couse

also, alphas cant doing PI, but how can you know that. ahah.

how it can be my personal goal if i offer to elect candidate?

why not, if almighty tapirium cant do it.

i decide myself who i can tag. thanks for your deep feedback.

You do indeed decide for yourself to nuisance tag all the people able to ban you from the forums :+1:t2:


I disagree with making the preferences for players. What would happen if there are several players with Palatine BPCs (they arent that hard to get)?

That assumption might be very incorrect - manufacturing first titans in the game were done in top secrecy as well.

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and random dude scare me about this. oof.

hmmm. nothing? couse acces to components will have just one.

i hope you right. but i speak what i know.

Please refrain from tagging a large number of CCP in Player Features and Ideas posts. This forum gets looked at without needing to tag them. Thank you.


its just 10 of them. so what happen if tag them, pizza will burn?

It’s spam. And spam isn’t necessary.


can you link me forum rules where i can read about tag ccp are spam. thank you.

Me, right now, saying it’s spamming. Refrain from it in the future please.


as you say, rules generator.

its common courtesy on any forum. Unless there is an emergency one should avoid multitag devs/mods. You doing so without justified reason just makes you “attention seeker”.

discussion of moderation is prohibited by forum rules.

You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in the EVE Online game world or using the EVE Online web site.


Ok. i will not doing it again. happy now? or few more persons come here for explain me this.

So…you want a special wallet that:

  1. Is one-way.
  2. Can be filled with physical inventory items with actual material/ISK cost.
  3. (Lots of other stuff about structures and ownership and voting and intrigue.)

Regardless of your mission or the context of your post, this idea is horrible based purely on the first two items. #1 would likely get abused for scams, but more importantly is #2 because it would effectively allow you to transport a large amount of valuable material across any distance (including through wormholes) absolutely risk-free.

Hard no on those to points alone.

And an even harder no on the idea of CCP adding functionality specifically to help in one player’s Quixotic quest.

And finally…the cynic in me has to point out that even if CCP somehow did implement this, chances are that one of the existing nullsec blocs would just use it to built a Palatine Keepstar before you anyways, so all of this would have been largely for nothing.

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when i ask people to tell me their opinions about changing something in palatine, they was silent, now they denied mostly important changing, without create their own version. excellent.

ok lets ban wormhole manufacturing for this and choose only jita for example.

who talk about me? i dont care who will be owner, couse if this not happen, i will build it very long time. you dont get it, couse you just posting your opinion on forum, you not involved in this adventure. there is no way you will closer to all this, except this changing, which ofc you or ccp can modify.

if null block own it, then why not and who cares, if all eve come to kill it.

Yes because…

…that’s how public discussion forums work. :wink:


From your first post:

You mentioned yourself in your post. I’m not trying to make this personal, and I apologize if it came across that way. I was just trying to point out that if your goal is to be the first person to build a Palatine Keepstar, this change would almost certainly not help you achieve that goal. And even if your goal is only to build it, you certainly wouldn’t be able to keep it for long since anyone who donated would know where it is being built and it would be a massive target for everyone wanting to get on the first killmail of a Palatine Keepstar.

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well actualy if opinions are good, then throught idea people join to adventure.

feel the difference between iam owner or those, who people elect.

try read my project archive, i never say that i want build it first, i want it exist.