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This topic is official representation of project to the english speaking community.
Not official representation (reddit).
Official representation to the russia speaking community.
Not official representation to the russia speaking community.


Q: Who else?
A: I want to believe, that UPK built or planning to build by some one else, but i dont hear official statements. There is few person or corporations, who have finances for built it. But i suppose they cant, dont want, have others plans or they built it silently. I dont have arguments for claim to built UPK and doing it first in EVE, i just try. If some one else declare to built UPK and will be have arguments on this, then i help him or compete, if investers make decision. In case, way of project will be ruled by investers council. They also decide about my possibility of decisions.
Q: Why?
A: Creation. Considering the overall, in game leisure can split on two parts: UPK building and other. They dont have practical differences. For now, mostly clear purpose is UPK can be another market, goal monument or reason for mostly epic fight, but repeat, decision will make investers. My personal vision of purpose, i will keep to myself, for now.
Q: Where UPK planning to build and anchor?
A: My vision of building plans and anchor related with Thera. Ofcourse, other discussions about where it should be, will be with investers. But important to understand: built it, anchor it and manage it, its different ways.
Q: What is main danger and protect of project?
A: Main danger its me and developer. No, i dont think that is some person or group of people can criticaly harm to project. Protect of project its any EVE player.
Q: When you planning finish project?
A: Its mostly huge project in EVE story, and iam dont have experience in lot of moments, so its hard to predict. If process will be acceptable, then in 2020 we decide to continue or close public project. Also, i believe in miracle.
Q: Why project so bad advertised?
A: I dont have time and resources for this. I agree with important of informing, but traditionaly its bread of people who dont understand product of advertising and i dont planning informing only good parts of project.
Q: Why not published technical part of project?
A: For safety reason. Lets imagine, that some of market speculators know which product need for project at some point and he can increase prices. Or some battle group will be know where is project building group working. Ofcourse, project dont have garanties of full information and material safety. API key of project processes, maybe, will be availaible to investers council.

First year report:
Main goal of this period is components BPO researching, finished by 80%.
Project have 160 BPO for structure components. 150 of them is researched on 9ME and 18 TE. 10 additional BPO for SMN are researched for 9ME and 14TE. For this moment researching are stoped. Also, project have more then 1000 BPC on structure components, different quality, for small manufacturing operations. Officialy project have 0 components in balance.
For researching infrastructure, which include subscription payment, character training, few POSes working and BPO buying project spent about 110 billion isk. There were several errors, which cost about 10 billions, including wrong management of characters skillpoints, to late knowledge of index for science works cost in system, error with industry interface when TQ have problems and lost of transport with POS.
Returned 1 996 000 000 isk of official donations, becouse not formulated mechanism of how say thanks. Returned 4 000 000 000 of loan.
Minimal number of used component for structures in all EVE: 623 938 (29.04.2016-29.04.2017). Maximum UPK components needed: 1 236 000.
Cost of all components: about 100 trillion isk (01.06.2017, based on Jita price). When UPK was announced (29.04.2016), all components cost more then 200 trillions. Estimated minimum cost of components manufacturing: about 80 trillions (01.06.2017) Cost of components can little reduce when moon mining will be deployed.
Developer decrease runs number of UPK BPC from 2 to 1.
Satellite projects:
Holy fullerite - Focused expedition of Prospect ships, which harvest reach fullerite gas in Thera connections. This project is still the main source of maintaining the functionality of UPKt and covers 90% of all costs.
Thera mining covenant - Stoped, becouse developer confiscate Rorqual, which planning use for ore compression in Thera.
Shattered wormholes researching - Project for researching mining potential of shattered wormholes. Finished.
Lazy Jabba league - Experimental project of mining in shattered wormholes using Rorquals. Amount of mined is not much for now, becouse of technical and money problems of realisation.
Colony - Project of PI using about 100 characters. Waiting of characters self-sufficiency by skillpoints farming.
Streams - Restream on YouTube and Twitch included. On this channels sometimes you can see what iam doing for UPK. Iam not professional streamer, so not promise quality translations.
Some Agreement is not reached with: MIDAS 22 (Ghost448, PilGrimZ), Bergmann Industries (Hisuma Black), The Amish Mafia (Riza HR), Legion of xXDEATHXx (UAxDEATH), iwantisk, Leny Kravitz, WE FORM V0LTA (Endo Dy, StarFleetCommander, HerrBert), Love All Woodland Nymphs (Sov O’Whelpine), Sequent Industry (iBaltika), Blueprint Haus (Eingang Vulpine, Lord DetiX), Alcoholocaust (Abortion survivor), Kid With Guns Alliance (Mac noris, Artur Delfonix), Upvote (Sapporo Jones), Lihamestarit (Herra Snellman), Sela Innovations (Nova Alastor), Infinitus Sapientia (Shakuul), KAT Building Services (Ock Killer), Doomheim (Tatjana Utama), The Versa-Ex Corp (Allake Pisakin), Hard Knocks Inc. (NoobMan, Braxus Deninard), LowSechnaya Sholupen (alexfishka), New Eden Trading Company (Roberto Azevedo), Quantum Constructs (Darex Sheotah), Inner Hell (Aleksey IV), Elite pilots (Tau AD), Zegna Group (Cest Bravura), Per Umbras (FlamingLips), Goonswarm Federation (Faud, Klavas), Red Alliance (Chutlanin, Sandra Bartlett).
Some agreement was reached with: Teddy KGB, Alex Lenin, Chribba, Johnny Splunk, TravellerDEP, Weyland Industries. (Petr Weyland).
Special thanks for support to: Cubakka, Kata Falka, Panzerledi, kernel69, Kost Adoulin, God Likely, Kom Ormand, Tori Shepard, Spitfire, Lehadyd, Kibmatar, 3AXAPbI4.
Currect actions:
Working on list of UPK functional changes, which will be suggest to developers. Looking for manufacturing base.

How to join
Part investment

  1. You, as person or group, declare your join to project by ingame mail to executor.
  2. You have 1 year to collect 1 or few component kit. Each component kit is 1 of 500 project goal. Component kit its a ordinary keepstar. Price of this kit is floating from 100 to 300 billion isk. How to collect them or build you choose yourself.
  3. When your kit will be ready:
    a) You keep it undefined period.
    b) Give it to executor on undefined period.
  4. Undefined period finished, when all 500 kit’s will be collected. In this period there is possible, to decline your part. In this case:
    a) You have the right to do with your kit anything you want. But before, talk with executor, couse there can be possibility to buy it by project.
    b) Ask to return your kit, which executor keep. But you must pay penalty, about 5% of components.
  5. If project will be end untill goal:
    a) You have the right to do with your kit anything you want.
    b) Ask to return your kit, which executor keep and expect penalty payment from executor, which will be equal part of project budget. So, if your part equal 1% of goal, then you get 1% of budget as penalty payment.
  6. You need keep your kit’s on npc stations. Kit’s, which you give to executor will be stay on npc station untill project goal or finish. However, i recomend you keep kit’s or give it to executor on The Sanctuary Fullerene Loom station in Thera.
  7. Any changes of this part investment will be discuss with participants.
    Your part gives you:
    One part (kit) equal to one vote, when project will be need to decide about something. But, those of participants who keep kit in their hands cant vote, but can to attend the meeting of investers. Your vote cant affect on anything beyond part investment. Vote can affect on earlier decisions in part investment. Vote can be given to anyone, even to groups, but decisions by this vote will be accepted only from one person, which have ingame character in any subscription status. Any decisions and results of investers meeting will be recorded and published. Vote and supporting it components kit will be given to project budget, if vote keeper cant contacting with executor ingame more then 3 months. Period of contacting will starting from last ingame mail to vote keeper. Vote. which given to project budget is cancelled and cant be using in voting. Vote can be returned to last keeper if investers council will agree. Component kit of cancelled vote cant be used for creating new vote by executor. In independence of vote keeper status, when project will be succesfuly end, vote keeper name are involved in named investment.

Named investment

  1. You, as person, declare your join to project by ingame mail to executor. However, enuff create private contract to executor and call it Named investment.
  2. In any period of project, you give component kit (pricelist) to executor by contract. Its highly recommend to build structure components of this kit yourself. Numbers of this kits is unlimited and can acquire status of Part investment. However, if you reach part investment status, by givin 200 named investment kits, then you will be have 2 votes in part investment.
  3. When project will be done:
    a) Name of your character (not violating in game rules), which give minimum 1 component kit, will be inscribed to UPK biography of anchored or his wreck. Developer announce that wreck of first UPK will be immortalized in game. However, there is no yet information about enable bio tab on wreck and it must be wreck of already anchored, anchoring or transported UPK.
    b) Each next kit will give you possibility to type text in bio, 1 kit = 1 symbol (space included), in any language and any content (which not violate in game rules). However, there is no information about symbol volume of bio tab, but we ask to increase it if not enough.
    с) Your name will be mentioned in periodical reports.
  4. If you cancel your join by in game mail:
    a) Ask to return your kit, which executor keep. But you must pay penalty by none component part of your kit.
    b) Your in game name not will be added to UPK or his wreck bio, but its stay in reports.
  5. If project will be end untill goal, then you ask to return your kit, which executor keep and expect penalty payment from executor, which will be equal part of project budget. So, if your part equal 1% of goal, then you get 1% of budget as penalty payment.
  6. You can transmit kit by contract on Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant or The Sanctuary Fullerene Loom in Thera.
  7. Any changes of this part investment will be discuss with participants.

The Palatine Keepstar- sov null suicide?
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You shouldn’t use “will” in an undetermined if-clause (0:40).

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part investment added

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Howdy again. Its everymonth reminder about our small project and possibility of you to join us, not depent of your achievements. Right now project creating list, of funktional modifications for our home, which will be given to developers. I wanna listen your ideas, not depent of your knowledge of game mechanics. Tell me your vision of Upwell Palatine Keepstar funktional.

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GL on your scam attempt.

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iam working hard and remove hide detail option.

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Now project have base for PI production.

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tldr = give me your money.

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monthly up

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monthly up

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Mate, your post is an unstructured mess. where are updates, seperated from the rest?

Also: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/7gzbdq/reminder_upwell_palatine_keepstar_122017/

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