Upwell Palatine Keepstar

(Linus Gorp) #62

Except you literally did post that. In this very thread, even.

(Yodik) #63

show me where i post that.

(Linus Gorp) #64

Click on the arrow in upper right corner of the quote window.

(Yodik) #65

and? i not see scam

(Linus Gorp) #66

Playing dumb isn’t going to work here. This ain’t WoW.

(Yodik) #67

actualy work, couse you cant explain about scam here.

(Linus Gorp) #68

I really don’t need to explain something so blatantly obvious. This is for people dumb enough to fall for the Nigerian prince and people that stupid can’t be educated anyway.

(Yodik) #69

and you are run out from that peoples or not?

(zluq zabaa) #70

Nah, we just tell people that you’re a scam.

You wrote it yourself. And you report for your 2nd year the building of 395 components. WHAT A JOKE. One needs hundreds of thousands of components, not hundred. Actually around a Million even. You know the difference between 100 and 1,000,000?

tl;dr don’t invest in this scheme, as this guy is not even capable of building the material for a keepstar during 2 years

(Yodik) #71

hm. i thought i build this components from start of this year and stop in may. now its more, but why i must listen you opinion, if you never build even this 395? you just another poor hater, who not read plan, which said “You have 1 year to collect 1 or few component kit. Each component kit is 1 of 500 project goal”.
continue shitposting, i permit.

(zluq zabaa) #72

It’s simple, just do the math. You need around 1 Million components overall.

If 1 person builds 500 components in 1 year, one needs 2000 people doing this. As I’ve pointed out earlier in a very rough calculation, you need about 1667 accounts with a total of 5000 chars that each have 6 planets running to even get the PI part in one year.

“Only” 500 chars to do it in 10 years.

Even if you ignore how useless the Palatine Keepstar is (which you probably know) and even if you assume that people would rather give some tens of Billions of ISK worth of components to you, instead of selling them or building a Keepstar themselves…

This would take 500 chars, 6 planets each, 10 freaking years non-stop PI.

And nothing about markets. Look at PI requriedments. Look at Jita market history. Those are years of normal market supply. These amounts are not even traded when people get money for it. You’re asking to make more and give it for free.

And that’s not even all of it.

Same for minerals.

The entire thing is completely

  • useless
  • unrealistic

And you are either

  • very very bad at math and no one should entrust you with even 1 ISK
  • or a scammer

Either way. This makes no sense at all.

p.s. if anyone ever does this, it’s some large nullsec alliance that is bored beyond boredom for a couple of years

(Yodik) #73


2000 people for 500 components? you mean, 500 kits? may i ask you, where i talk about 1 person for all project. lets shake your low maths and imagine, that project need JUST 500 PEOPLE, EACH WILL BUILD 1 KIT. is that hard?

i think u need read plan 10 times, then continue shitposting.

(Yodik) #74

let me tell you about no sense and null sec alliance. first eve keepstar was deployed by wormhole alliance Hard Knocks in home system, for today they have 2 keepstar in wormhole, another wormhole alliance LAZERHAWKS have 3 keepstars, and few others wormhole alliances have few keepstars. do i need explain no sense of keepstar in wormhole? think not. do i need explain that this guys dont have sov territory, lots of renters and industrialist? think not. iam little wormhole miner, but i know how this people take isk and iam sure you, your null sec alliances just bunch of poors.

(zluq zabaa) #75

2000 people 500 components EACH. Even more since it’s more than 1 Million components.

If you have “only” 500 people, each needs to build 2000+ components, which means each of the 500 people needs to give you between 40,000 and 120,000 highest-tier PI materials, worth more than half a Keepstar each.

No one is giving you half a Keepstar for this projet. Anyone who does is stupid to believe that 500 other people will do the same. It’s ridiculous.

(zluq zabaa) #76

Well yeah, explain why you think it has no sense. You don’t even know about the role of normal Keepstars and you expect people to accept you as project leader for this?

Well, you’ve just disqualified yourself for leading such a project.

Talk again when you have even 50% of the overall materials needed. Maybe if you finally show a use for this Palatine, maybe then people will support it. Show 50% and we can talk again.

(Yodik) #77

you not read again.

you explain why palatine dont have sense? no, so i not explain you to.

thx for your expertise, poor noname shitposter, i will be waiting your next usuless opinion.

(zluq zabaa) #78

Yeah I did. The Palatine Keepstar brings zero advantage. The only difference is twice the EHP, which is pretty much completely irrelevant. It has no use other than being a crazy material sink for tremendously stupid people.

Again, you need 5000 perfect PI chars for a year to source the PI needed. That’s an insane amount of manual work. And all of that: for nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The only thing anyone would ever get who builds it, is the title “biggest idiot” for wasting all that time and ressources.

Right, but in the end it goes to 1 char, it has to in order to build it. Why would anyone trust you with Trillions of ISK? Why even entrust you with 500 Bil? Seriously, try to explain that.

are you getting angry, you 5m sp scam-alt?

(zluq zabaa) #80

yeah no, this is unacceptable. reported for real life threats.

(Yodik) #81


(zluq zabaa) #82

No, it’s not.

You making real life threats of extreme violence with any of your chars, forum-alts, large alliance mains, it doesn’t matter. There is no space for this kind of behaviour in EVE.