URBN RIDRZ Currently open for new recruits

URBN RIDRZ Currently open for new recruits

Corp Auth


Join ‘urbn ridrz public’ channel in game for any questions.

What we have to offer:

• Ratting: Blood Raider rats (blood faction mods), Heavens, 10/10’s
• Exploration: Data sites, Relic sites, Combat sites
• Resources: Null sec Ore, Moon mining, Ice sites, Gas sites
• Manufacturing and Refining structures
• Planetary Interaction (Pi)
• PvP Rich environment (current war efforts in Delve region)
• Part of large alliance – Test Alliance Please Ignore
• Experienced Fleet Commanders
• Alliance and Corp Level SRP programs
• Veteran Members and Corp Leadership
• Corp members who have your back (EU and US TZ)
• Corp and Alliance buyback programs
• Your place in the history books (biggest fights in Eve)

What we expect from you:

• Must have working mic and Mumble
• Must join discord for fleet pings and announcements
• All characters you have must be submitted to Corp and Alliance auth systems.
• No Alpha accounts
• 15 Million SP (main character) minimum
• 6 Month Character Age minimum
• 300 minutes of fleet time per month, there are exceptions, ask in corp.
• Join ‘urbn ridrz public’ channel for any questions.

URBN RIDRZ General Rules:

• No Thieving
• No Scamming
• Be on Mumble when online in Game
• Be in Standing Fleet when you are Undocked

URBN RIDRZ Tax and Buybacks:

• Corporation Tax = 10%
• Buybacks = 90% Jita Buy Value
• Moon tax = 10%

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I hear that PMaddy is sexy…join now! :slight_smile:

Join URBN RIDRZ for good times :slight_smile:

Came across these guys recently and they’re a top bunch of guys. Good active leadership and well worth a look if you’re looking for a 0.0 corp and not joining ELTC :slight_smile:

Looking for few good players. We have good alliance and corp SRP program. Fleet’s around the clock. Join us and have fun risk free!!