[US/AU][0.0] Nullsec PVP Pilots, Drop by for a chat!

Damned and Disinherited [VIXX]

VIXX is a small tightknit Nullsec Corporation, living out of Immensea and Proud member of FUBAR and Phoenix Federation. We are looking for Pilots who enjoy many different aspects of Eve and are willing to branch out with us into a more rounded lifestyle at the same time as having fun. We are primarily based around the US and AU Timezones and generally cover from 0200 evetime through to after Downtime Activity wise. We are a PVP Corporation, with PVE mixed in for fun.

We are looking for Pilots who have a good understanding of the game and still willing to learn and grow within the game and the environment we have. We are looking for Pilots who will contribute to the Corporation, Alliance and Coalition, no matter where it takes us.

Ideal prospective applicants will have a good understanding of Eve, not afriad to get involved with Corp/Alliance and Coalition objectives, happy to grab a gun and jump on PVP fleets and have a bunch of fun.

Who we are looking for:

Preferably USTZ / AUTZ timezone pilots.
Minimum 7.5mil SP+ preferred.
Must be able to fly an Interceptor.
Prefer Previous Nullsec experience.
Omega Toons only.
Working Microphone/Headset.
Willing to register with Alliance/Coalition Services.
Full Account API’s for all accounts.

If this sounds like you and you feel you have what it takes to join,
Then drop by our Public Channel: Disinherited Pub or drop a ingame mail to one of the following:

US: Blaster Blas
AU: Omyfid Tetsukari
AU: TrixTa

Still Looking, drop by for a chat!

Recruiters are available, drop by for a chat

Come say hello, We are online and looking for new blood.

Recruiters are online, Drop by for a chat

Nice Fight in the AUTZ, COme have a chat, Our recruiters are waiting.

Recruiters online and waiting.

Always looking for new blood, Drop by and say Hi

Looking for Ratters with Teeth to join our Ranks

Recruiters online!

Drop by for a chat, Recruiters online and waiting.

Still looking for Pilots, Drop by for a chat.

Great group of mature guys to fly with, a lot of Eve knowledge to be shared

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Still recruiting