Damned and Disinherited - Recruiting Miners/PVE/PVP/Indy Bros

What Damned and Disinherited [VIXX] is.

VIXX is a small Industrial Corporation that is slowly branching out into PVP. We live in Null sec. in a good alliance. We are looking for Pilots who enjoy many different aspects of Eve and are willing to branch out with us into a more rounded lifestyle at the same time as having fun.

Ideally prospective applicants will have a basic understanding of Eve and looking to contribute to our Corp Atmosphere at the same time as having fun, growing, and building economic wealth but above all, just having fun.

What we’d like:
Preferably USTZ / AUTZ.
No minimum SP level require but 7.5m prefered
Industrialists with Teeth welcome.
Not afraid to PVP.
Basic understanding of Eve.
Preferably Omega Clones, however Alpha Clones can be accepted on a case by case basis.
Active and willing to be on Voice Comms.
Full Account API’s for all accounts.

We also have an open Pub in game please join if your needing questions answered. Search for “Damned Bar”!

Blaster Blas
Nimalda Trald

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Doors are still open in the Damned Bar! Drinks are on David!

We’re still recruiting! Come by the Damned Bar! I’m serving drinks!

Still recruiting. For now

Looking for a few more people!

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