[US/AU/EU] C2 C5-NS Wormhole Corp - Bob's Bait and Tackle Is Recruiting

Are you a long time Eve player who has never been a part of a wormhole group and wonder if the huge isk making potential is true? Are you an old pro at wormhole space who is looking for a new place to call home? Or maybe you are a newbro who is looking for some help learning the game and are curious if you could make it in wormhole space? Well, look no further than Bob’s Bait and Tackle [BAITM]. If you are a newbro, don’t worry, just come join us in wormhole space and have fun in pvp and making isk.

We are a close-knit wormhole group that enjoys PvP, PvE, Mining, Industry and Exploration. We live in a C2 with Null sec and C5 statics with the Null sec making it easy to get fights and do some industry stuff and the C5 gives you a great opportunity to make isk by ratting (Also great to get fights). Our players have experience levels from newer players to long time veterans and we operate across multiple time zones. We offer a drama free environment with the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of building something special and making lots of isk. If you have never been in wormhole space we can offer training and assistance to get you quickly up to speed and making isk. The opportunities in wormhole space are almost endless and we want to work with you to make the most of the many exciting adventures.

What We Offer:

  • Small Gang PvP fun
  • PvE Site Running
  • Gas Huffing and Ore Mining Fleets
  • Defense Fleets
  • PI Industry
  • Learning From Wormhole Vets
  • Fun
  • Did I mention PvP

What We Are Looking For:

  • Players who speak English
  • Discord For Comms
  • Omega Accounts

If you are looking for a group that is fun to play with and supportive you should check us out.

Come join our Discord at [Bob’s Bait and Tackle ]Bob's Bait and Tackle

You can also join our in game recruitment channel at ‘Bait and Tackle Recruitment’

You can also message or email me, Tombstone Jack, directly in game.

Fly Safe!

Bump. Come check us out. Laid back but very active group looking for more friendly faces to fly with.

Come Check us out and jump in chat! Bob's Bait and Tackle Second

Nightly activity with good group of guys. PVP, Super profitable c5 krabbing and c5 gas huffing. Highly active Discord comms.

Good group of lads, you wont regret joining

This is the place to be if you’re looking for helpful and friendly people.

Come join us in j space and make that beautiful isk

Come join us in j space!

We are now living in a C2 that has C5/NS statics. You can farm or PVP and its all just 1 jump away

Bump. The new C2-C5/NS really is perfect. Being a C2 we get tons of random C2 and C3 connections that give us daily easy access to high sec, and the C5/NS statics bring a wealth of content regardless off the type of content you prefer.

Come join us fight the good fight.

Bump. Looking for pilots who like to pvp.

Bump. We are still looking for good people who want to fly with us.

New to WH life or Bitter Vets we are happy to have you.

Old or new feel free to apply and start your journey with Bobs Bait and Tackle.

Newbro’s welcome. Come and check us out. We have people in comms in AU and US timezones.

Bump, We are still recruiting

Bump. Looking for experienced and inexperienced pvp pilots to join us for pew pew.

Come join us. We are still recruiting

Very active group in multiple time zones. Lots of folks in comms to hang and pew pew with.