[US/EU] The Ringing Vale is recruiting new players looking for solid training, sign on offers avail

The Ringing Vale is recruiting newbros and returning vets alike. We are an IRL casual corp, with no hard requirements, we just want you to have fun, and learn the game.

JOIN NOW - as we have upcoming fleet ops, something for everyone, mining/PVE/PVP.

ALPHA and OMEGA characters accepted.

If you’re looking for mining, industry and manufacturing, mission running, exploration, pvp roams, we have it all. We have a good core group of players that are split between US and EU timezones, with several players who are off and on throughout most days. We have veterans from all walks of Eve who can help you explore and find the right career for you.

After about a month in corp, we start discussing with new players what their long term goals are. If they want to explore other game modes, we offer counseling and networking with other partner corps. Including:

Current Member Corps

  • Dedicated Exploration Corporation- Run anoms, DED complexes and long term wormhole living
  • Mining and Industial- Mining operations and other misc manufacturing and POS activities, high sec space
  • Mission runners- High Sec Caldari space mission corp, with some PVP interests
  • Mission runners- High Sec Gallente space mission corp, with some light PVP
  • Incursions- High Sec Based Incursions and missions in Minmatar space
  • Null Sec- All things NS, ratting, Industry, PVP
  • Amarr High Sec mission running
  • Dedicated Salvaging Corporation

Please ask questions if you have any, and if interested, message here and I’ll contact you for next steps. We can pub-chat in game and discord as well.

Discord Public Chat

JOIN NOW - as we have upcoming POCO bash, citadel launching, and fun fleet ops!


Bump, looking for more.

Looking for more new pilots looking to learn about Eve.

Also, recruiting officers to help teach and train. Hit me up for details.

Bump, looking for more!

I’ll be joining your discord. Returning after 8 years, mostly mining.

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I’ll be around to answer questions. We just got a new discord server setup this weekend and people are moving over to it.

Bump! Thanks for looking, we would love to discuss the corp with you.

What is your tax rate?

It’s at 5%, helps to pay some for the skill books and ships we provide, but lower than npc corps

We are looking for some more miners, mission runners, and manufacturers.

ALSO, we just launched a hauling division. If you’re interested in hauling, come learn the ropes with us and get your first contracts

I joined this corp yesterday and I immediately had a great impression. RGB is always available with advices about all aspects of the game.Group is still growing. We have already organized the first mining fleet and in the next few days the activity will definitely increase. Excellent corp for newbies and veterans.

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The weekend is a great time to come join us! Hit us up on discord for questions and to chat.

Bump, come check us out on discord

It’s a new week and corp has some new fun goals and activities coming up.

Bump! Looking for more recruits.

Bump, please check us out.

It’s the weekend, come play some Eve and fly with us.

Returning player looking for a friendly corp to relearn all I have forgotten and discover new and interesting things. I will hop on Discord.

We are still looking for more players

Come fly with us!

Newbros always welcome. Also looking for indy and miners to take advantage of our structures and bpos