[EU/US] The Ringing Vale is recruiting experienced Industrialists/PVP interested players

The Ringing Vale is an established high sec corp with fantastic infrastructure to help you grow your Eve industrialist career.

Public Discord for Q&A

New and Returning Vet Friendly

We have multiple structures for your use, with bonused research/invention hub, mining pockets for HS ores, a moon drill with weekly pulls, reaction access in Low Sec, and bonused small ship production.

We do mission standings fleets on the regular to scratch that PVE need, and provide plenty of helpful discussion in discord and IG.

We also are looking for people interested in PVP. We have experience players that teach PVP classes, lead roams and gate camps when interested, as well as WH daytrips and NS yeet fleets. We would like to grow our PVP presence.

Mentor Program - We also offer a mentoring program covering ALL career aspects in Eve, with highly experienced mentors to help you get settled if new, or if wanting to explore a new area of Eve.

If you’re looking for a stable group with plenty to offer, look no further! Check us out on our public discord and always happy to answer your questions. Public Discord for Q&A

Long weekend? Come fly with us

Hey, Ieft eve for what I thought would be a short period. That was 6 years ago. I’ve just resubbed my two accounts.

I’m primarily a miner but enjoy PvP. Never solo, unless you count killing an annoying frig with a hulk.

My main can fly combat ships - mostly Minmatar. My second is a support worker flying her Orca. She also owns a Nidhogger, although not sure if skilled enough to fly on ops.

Have a freighter + Jump freighter

I have mostly played solo in the past, but have been contemplating joining a player corp again. I see you guys are pretty close. I live in Teonusude.

I like the sound of the PvP tuition. I’d need that. It’s been a while.

I wouldn’t mind a trial with you guys if that’s cool

Hey, ya that sounds great.

I’m on vacation the next few days but if you pop into our public discord linked above, one of our recruiters can answer any Questions and get you accepted into corp.

Cheers. Will do

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Come check us out this weekend

Bump, check us out!

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