US/EU/AU - The Ringing Vale offers content, learning & opportunity... Will you answer the call?


The Ringing Vale is a concept. A visualization of a home bustling with content and opportunity. As an entity we manifest this through our dedication, community and shared prosperity. The many become the one in our pursuit to seek the continued achievement of our goals and make sure to share our prosperity with all in Metropolis space and beyond… But a warning to any who would threaten the vale. We are not without teeth, experience and friends!

The Ringing Vale is a hi-sec industry, PvP defence & mining corporation with interests in Exploration, PvE & other more obscure forms of content. We’re searching for academy graduates, vets and returning players to add to our community so we can take the next step needed towards achieving our current goals. We’re active all over the globe, respect IRL commitments, have a community development & fun first focus and are well connected diplomatically Thanks to our alliance, friendlies & coalition.

What activities do we offer?

We pride ourselves on our consistently held weekly events ranging from beginner experience to mid/end game content.

  • Mining: hi-sec & danger lo-sec mining, moon mining, gas huffing and ice mining fleets
  • PvE: Abyssal, hi-sec/lo-sec missions, EVE events and combat anomaly/escalations fleets.
  • PvP: Small/medium gang roams, Fleet v Fleet actions w/friendlies and all-sec defence & character hunting contracts
  • Exploration: WH joint PvE, PvP & mining lockdown, scout & intel, hacking and anomaly scanning fleets.

We have FC’s to facilitate activities in each area of gameplay, and/or provide guidance and information.

The Ringing Vale has business minded goals in new Eden and as such offers services and Corp funded work via our “departments” system. We offer a multitude of services unique to our business model that support our members in their endeavours.

Corporation & Alliance services include the following;

  • Buyback program
  • Alliance competitions and weekly special events
  • Corp Blueprint Library
  • SRP fits for events
  • Access to Structures for all levels of manufacturing, invention and research
  • Alliance Doctrines and skill plans for fleet activities
  • Alliance Reprocessing Service
  • Paid Department jobs in your preferred gameplay style
  • Massive moon mining operations
  • Coalition events and content
  • Low tax rate and service fee’s for structures
  • Access to friendly lo-sec system and structures

Currently seeking Miners, Combat pilots and explorers to better balance out our inter-alliance economy & content. We do have some light requirements and have a very simple set of skill requirements needed to enter.

If this sounds like a corp that might be a good fit for you, please don’t hesitate to say hi in our Discord and contact one of our recruiters:

Mahatha bin Laden

Wily Whartog

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