The Ringing Vale is a Metropolis based Hi-sec Corp poised for greatness and we’d like you to be a part of it!

About us:

We’re a community focussed Corporation who believe in being able to succeed without the militant attitude! We provide value and fun for our members first and foremost, have no hard requirements and believe that IRL comes first. We have players active in all timezones, Varying levels of experience from newbro to 10+ year vets, Weekly events, Corp ore buyback and mineral exchange, Mentoring program for newbros, facilities for compression/reprocessing/research/manufacturing and even a growing Blueprint Library! We’re based in a safe region of metropolis only a few jumps from our major trade hubs, we’re well connected among hi/lo/null space with an established alliance and have a strong co-operative coalition.

We run fleet activities for;

  • PvP roams
  • high level Missions standings
  • Combat anomalies
  • Hi/losec mining
  • Moon mining
  • Exploration
  • Site running in our very own wormhole system and beyond!

Beyond these there will always be someone around willing to participate in just about any activities EVE Online has to offer!

What we’re looking for:

TRV is in it’s next phase of growth and are looking expand it’s collective experience to encompass a wider range of activities and events in all areas of space, known or otherwise! We have grand plans going forward and are looking for players who can help us realise our collective goals and ambitions in New Eden.

This includes;

  • Players experienced in logistics and requisitions
  • PvP and wormhole oriented players
  • Industrial & marketing powerhouses looking to take advantage of our strong commercial backbone
  • Players interested in passing on their knowledge and experience to others
  • Corporations looking for the safety and convenience of a strong alliance
  • New members looking to benefit from career counselling in all aspects of EVE gameplay
  • More players in AUS/Asia Pacific timezones to join our current players in those areas for events!

About you:

TRV has some amazing opportunities for fun and lucrative content without it ever feeling like a job! In return we only ask for a few things;

  1. Stay up to date on our Discord. We’d hate for you to be left uninformed
  2. Bring an encouraging and respectful attitude. You can’t be ISK positive if you aren’t ISK positive
  3. Have fun! Relax with us and enjoy all The Ringing Vale and EVE Online have to offer :slight_smile:

Hop into our Public Discord to have a chat and have any questions you may have answered - https://discord.gg/7FAuVfqANs


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New week, new recruitment cycle. Let’s go!

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