[US/EU] The Ringing Vale is recruiting new players looking for solid training, sign on offers avail

Check us out!

Recently re-subbed; veteran player (154m SP), can fly most sub-caps, as well as Amarr carrier.


Have done PvP before, but not any time in the past several years.

I would be most interested in the mission running and/or Incursion corporations. I live in NA EDT, but my play time would mostly be night/overnight for that time zone. I would be happy to talk to a recruiter to answer any questions.

Hey, we can chat in game later today or on discord anytime. Pub discord channel is linked in the first thread.

I’ll also ig mail to you after a little bit.

Lot of exciting in game developments going on for the group. Check us out and stop by the pub discord for a chat

After two weeks in Corp I can say, very worth the join up. Very helpful and experienced players to learn from, everyone’s friendly/social, sign up bonuses are amazing, you’ve always got a buddy to do certain activities with and very efficient facilities to reprocess, research, manufacture and help make a profit in general. Made learning the game much faster and easier.

Feels like home.

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Still room for more! Looking for guys who want to fly and have fun with a solid group of balanced players.

Bump, and updated main post.

Bump, growing and exciting fleet ops all week!

Check us out and come fly with us this weekend!

Come fly with us, exciting times ahead.

Good group. Not all angry and hostile like some. Easy going.

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Come fly with us this weekend! Join our public discord if you want to check us out.

Hot weekend? Flying with us would have kept you cool.

So, a month in to being a member of this corp, and I want to commend RGB Dragon for getting something good going here. It’s a good mix of experience (vets, newbros, and in-between), gameplay experience (PvE, industry, PvP, exploration), and a really supportive crew. If you’re new and wanting to learn the ropes, or an experienced player looking for a relatively stress-free corp experience, come check them out.

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if you guys are looking for new alliance that is US/AU and well seated in a low-sec area , come have a chat with us

Down Under Syndrome | Alliance | zKillboard

Come check us out and fly with us this weekend!

We’re restructuring and shifting our focus, and this includes a tweak to our membership requirements. Specifics can be found here: The Ringing Vale

We’ve welcomed a couple more corporations to the alliance, and continue to provide opportunities to all members: PvE (missions/sites), PvP, mining, and/or industrial. Most members are in the EU or NA TZs, though we do have a few folks from “down under” and elsewhere.

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